Fall Interior Paint Trends for 2022

Cooler weather means more indoor time. Make the most of it with these five fall color trends that will easily transform your fave living spaces into something really special. Since paint is easy, affordable and quick - you can try all five. Happy fall!   Go Green Add a splash (or two) of green to your home and bring the outside in! Consider a striking moss or sage hue or add a pop of fun with Kelly or emerald green. [...]

7 Tips to Turn your Backyard into a Fall Wonderland

The outdoors are perfect for summer but did you know you can easily transform those same spaces into a fab fall hangout? These seven suggestions are not only easy and affordable, they will get you in the autumn mood in no time flat! Lights The perfect backyard starts with well-placed lighting. String lights are an easy way to create cozy spaces. Line them around porches or a gazebos or bury wood posts or large limbs and string them around gathering [...]

How COVID-19 is changing home design inside and out

There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed almost everything about everyday life - from work to entertainment, shopping to education. Home design is also responding to the new normal in a myriad of ways. For example, more defined spaces versus the popular open floor plan might become more desirable to allow for much needed privacy when the entire household is learning and working from home. Below are other ways home design and function could look different in the future. If [...]

Vintage Furniture Finds in Charlotte

You just bought your dream home, and it’s time to decorate. What should you do? Check out these Vintage Furniture Finds in Charlotte!

On A Budget? Some Relatively Inexpensive Improvements You Can Do To Your Home

On A Budget? Some Relatively Inexpensive Improvements You Can Do To Your Home Looking for list of things you can do inexpensively but with big impact, in order to get your house ready to sell? Oh, do I have ideas!  It’s just a question of how handy you are, and how much sweat equity you want to do.  Here’s a few of my favorites that aren’t going to break the bank but will give you a lot of bang for [...]

Savvy Renovations: Madison Park Home Gets A Makeover

Savvy Renovations: Madison Park Home Gets A Makeover A Labor of Love Amber and Allen put some sweat into renovating their new home, located on Cooper Avenue, in the heart of Charlotte's Madison Park neighborhood.  Just check out the amazing changes they made...   Are you feeling inspired by this fabulous before and after?  It's never too late to begin your own home renovation project.  Happy renovating!

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