About Us

We’re a talented team of professional brokers and passionate locals. We take pride in our knowledge of Charlotte and its unique communities. We have our pulse on the Charlotte Area real estate market, and we’re here to help you with all your buying and selling needs. Contact us today to get started!

Meet Our Real Estate Agents

Victor Ahdieh
Victor AhdiehBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Jessica Banks
Jessica BanksBroker, NC REALTOR®
Barbara Bradner
Barbara BradnerBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Jason Bridges
Jason BridgesBroker, NC REALTOR®
Lauren Brumlow
Lauren BrumlowBroker, NC REALTOR®
Lara Bucci
Lara BucciBroker, NC REALTOR®
Dana P. Burleson
Dana P. BurlesonBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Justin Butler
Justin ButlerBroker, NC REALTOR®
Heather Claxton
Heather ClaxtonBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth CooperBroker, NC REALTOR®
Deborah Cox
Deborah CoxBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Karen Delozier
Karen DelozierBroker, NC REALTOR®
Allyson Dixon
Allyson DixonBroker, NC REALTOR®
Erum Faruqui
Erum FaruquiBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Shannon Fitzpatrick
Shannon FitzpatrickBroker, NC REALTOR®
Leigh Flowers
Leigh FlowersBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Rhonda Gibbons
Rhonda GibbonsBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Sandra Godley
Sandra GodleyBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Jean Gossett
Jean GossettBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Les Harrell
Les HarrellBroker, NC REALTOR®
Perrin Hedgepeth
Perrin HedgepethBroker, NC REALTOR®
Taylee Hixon
Taylee HixonBroker, NC REALTOR®
Lynn Johnson
Lynn JohnsonBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Christina Kellmann
Christina KellmannBroker, NC REALTOR®
Jeff King
Jeff KingBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Kelly King
Kelly KingBroker, NC REALTOR®
Stacy Label
Stacy LabelBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Lexie Longstreet
Lexie LongstreetBroker, REALTOR® NC/SC
Shannon Lynch
Shannon LynchBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Charles Major
Charles MajorBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Krista Manus-Cook
Krista Manus-CookBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Sarah Martin
Sarah MartinBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Debe Maxwell
Debe MaxwellBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Scott Moskowitz
Scott MoskowitzBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Eileen Nelis
Eileen NelisBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Kim Parati
Kim ParatiBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Jimmy Poole
Jimmy PooleBroker, NC REALTOR®
Alyssa Roccanti
Alyssa RoccantiBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Shonn Ross
Shonn RossBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Josh Starnes
Josh StarnesBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Solange Stone
Solange StoneBroker, NC REALTOR®
Jackie Stratman
Jackie StratmanBroker, NC REALTOR®
Melissa S. Theodore
Melissa S. TheodoreBroker, NC REALTOR®
Stephanie Therrell
Stephanie TherrellBroker, NC/SC REALTOR®
Amy Tritt
Amy TrittBroker, NC REALTOR®
Donovan Waddell
Donovan WaddellBroker, NC REALTOR®
Serlethea Williams
Serlethea WilliamsBroker, SC REALTOR®
Whitney Zydonik
Whitney ZydonikAdministrative Manager, The Black Label Group

Our Support Staff and Marketing Team

Kristen Shinault
Kristen ShinaultBroker-in-Charge
Julie Tambussi
Julie TambussiVP of Marketing & Strategic Growth
Stevie Thomas
Stevie ThomasMarketing Manager
Anna Coker
Anna CokerOffice Administrator
Courtney Clark
Courtney ClarkTransaction Coordinator
Joanie Thomas
Joanie ThomasAccounting