Cooler weather means more indoor time. Make the most of it with these five fall color trends that will easily transform your fave living spaces into something really special. Since paint is easy, affordable and quick – you can try all five. Happy fall!


Go Green

Add a splash (or two) of green to your home and bring the outside in! Consider a striking moss or sage hue or add a pop of fun with Kelly or emerald green. There’s no limit to where this peaceful color can go. Instantly transform drab to dreamy in bedrooms, kitchens or busy drop zones. With so many choices, there is sure to be a shade perfect for your space. 


Ocean Inspiration

Soak up the tranquility of water when you don the walls with colors of the sea. Deep greens, placid blues, deep whites and sandy neutrals! Spread these colors wherever you could use some extra “ahhh” – the nursery, bathrooms, office spaces and so much more. With so many stunning combinations, you can let your imagination soar. 


Chalk Paint

The uses for chalk paint are almost endless! Apply to a kitchen wall for a cool grocery list or schedule reminder spot or create a stunning skyline in a bathroom. Paint garage walls and outline tool areas so everything gets returned to the right place every time. Use this versatile product to breathe life into ho-hum spaces. 


Burnt Orange

Hot on the scene is this delightful color that is popping up in all sorts of places. Orange has gone from popular accent color to taking a spot on the main stage! Orange is unapologetic so consider using it when you need a dash of WOW – inside pantries, laundry rooms, office spaces, bathrooms or entry ways. 


Black and White

This classic duo is always a winner! Go big and bold in living and dining rooms with stripes, geometric shapes or choose an eye-catching whimsical design to set the mood. This combo can also be the perfect solution to a smaller bathroom that needs a lift. 

All that’s left to do is grab a paintbrush and let your creativity shine!