Is 2020 Your Year to Make a Move?

We know you’ve got all the right moves. From your epic holiday dance routine to persuading Fido to sport the knitted sweater and matching hat to the dog park - this is your year!  Why not add one more fabulous move to your list? The move to your new home. Maybe you are finally ready to stop renting, or want to move closer to work or need more space for [...]

Look Who’s Getting Savvy… Amanda Kupchella!

Savvy + Co. is proud to announce that Amanda Kupchella has joined its talented team of professional brokers! Amanda Kupchella has been living in Charlotte for nearly a decade and now calls the city her home.  Originally from Asheville, she moved here for the bustling city life and thriving job market.  She’s found her place in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood where’s she connected to some really cool people!  She loves all this city has to [...]

The Row on Walton: Only ONE Home Remaining!

The Row on Walton, named for its location on Walton Road and Chelveston Drive in the Barringer Woods neighborhood of Charlotte is ready to welcome you home!

Look Who’s Savvy Now… Brittany Harvey!

Savvy + Co. is proud to announce that Brittany Harvey has joined its talented team of professional brokers! A native to the Carolinas for over 29 years, Brittany has extensive local knowledge of South Charlotte and the Greater Charlotte region. She grew up with a general contractor as a father and watched him transform, and repurpose houses. Brittany has always had an eye for interior design, refurbishing furniture, and reusing [...]

How to find a four-legged BFF and the home of your dreams

Our real estate experts at Savvy + Co. Real Estate are a lot like your four-legged fur babies. They are super loyal, will do whatever they can to make you happy, are excellent listeners and just like any good companion, can show you the way home. These Savvy dog moms and dads also know a house really becomes a home when it includes the addition of a pet. In honor [...]

Look Who’s Savvy Now… John Geuss!

Savvy + Co. is proud to announce that John Geuss has joined its talented team of professional brokers! John Geüss, (pronounced Gurss) is a seasoned real estate professional with over 30 years of sales experience. As an expert in the Uptown and in-town neighborhoods of the Charlotte Real Estate Market, John understands that these are exciting times for Charlotte’s Center City.  “I really can’t think of a better place to [...]

Changing your status from renter to owner

Going from renter to homeowner can be scary, if not slightly intimidating, but Savvy + Co.'s own Sarah Martin says the move can be life changing. “To some people, home ownership can be big boost to a person’s psyche and their long term financial stability. It’s empowering and creates a sense of pride, which can be potent for a person in all aspects of their life.” Sarah with clients at a Client [...]

Ready for spring? Add these to your can’t miss event list

Savvy + Co. Real Estate experts know buyers and sellers. They know how to find the perfect place for their clients and how to get a home in top selling condition. They know how to negotiate and get the deal done with style. They also know a lot about what makes this area special, including the special events that bring people together to soak up some sunshine, have some fun, [...]

The perfect pairing in February and March: beer, snacks and homebuyer education

There are a lot of perfect pairs. Cheese and wine, chocolate and chilis, doughnuts and cider, avocado and toast. In February and March, there’s another happy duo to add to the list: happy hours and first-time homebuyer education. If you have been thinking about heading down the road of home ownership, don’t go it alone. Drop into one (or all three) of these happy hour events in February and March [...]