On A Budget? Some Relatively Inexpensive Improvements You Can Do To Your Home

Looking for list of things you can do inexpensively but with big impact, in order to get your house ready to sell?

Oh, do I have ideas!  It’s just a question of how handy you are, and how much sweat equity you want to do.  Here’s a few of my favorites that aren’t going to break the bank but will give you a lot of bang for the buck.

1- Add Bead board, or Board and Battentrim to some of the walls.  Bead board is cheaper than tile and board and batten is the greatest optical illusion ever.  Another idea is a small accent wall with old salvaged barn wood.  Either way, additional trim just makes a home look more…finished.

2- Paint. Yeah you’ve heard this before but it’s true – It’s still one of the cheapest ways to give you a lot of impact – whether it’s updating your outdated kitchen cabinets, the walls, a pop of color on your front door, or even just a fresh coat of white on your baseboards (which get pretty dirty), it makes everything look new again.

3- Remove the old nasty stained caulk from tub surround and do a bead of fresh white caulk.  Trust me.  Easy, quick, cheap fix.

4- Have the standard boring concrete front walkway? Add a border of pavers along the sides of it.

5- If you have the money to add a ‘wow’ factor, build a small do it yourself fire pit in the back yard. Home Improvement stores have kits for around $250-275, if you can swing it but you can probably do it even cheaper.  People love outdoor living so create a spot where they can picture themselves making s’mores or chilling with a glass of vino.

6- If you have a plain mirror over the bathroom sink, frame with stock molding.

7-In the kitchen, add drawer pulls or switch out the ones you have for newer ones.

8.  Add window boxes and/or shutters.

Course, the usual advice about cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalize still applies….I just wanted to give you some of my “go-to’s” for how to improve a house in budget friendly ways.   What have you done in your home on a budget? I’d love to hear about it and see pics.  Or have another question you’d like answered about houses or Charlotte real estate in general?  Contact me and I’d be happy to share your responses in a future article.

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