If 2024 is the year to finally make your home buying or selling dreams come true, these tips will get you through the front door of your new home ASAP.  Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents know the market and are dedicated to helping every client have a successful and stress free transaction. Review the below, then contact your Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent to get started!

“I’m ready to sell!”

Assess the “To-Dos”

When a new abode comes calling, doing a thorough home inspection is an important first step. Take a walk around the outside and inside of your home and make a list of what needs to be fixed, repaired or updated. Consider hiring a professional inspector who can get to hard to reach areas and check things you might not be able to. Your Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent can recommend a reputable inspector, review the report and help you get the most bang for your buck.

Interview a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a Realtor® to assist with the sale of your home can be the difference between a quick transaction and a longer time sitting on the market. Interview several experienced agents and ask about their experience working with sellers, ideas to market your home and how they can assist with each step to the closing table. Your experienced Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent can share all this information in person or virtually.

Get a CMA

Wondering how much your home is worth? Don’t guess or rely on opinions from neighbors, friends and family. Call a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent who will be happy to give you a comparative market analysis (CMA) with a specific price range based on current housing data and the unique features of your home. Savvy agents can provide a CMA at any time – even if you are just starting to think about selling your home.

Set the Stage

“I’m ready to buy!”

Make a List

To help narrow your search, make a list of what you need in a home, what is optional and what isn’t important. For example, a need might be three bedrooms, a plus could include nearby interstate access and neighborhood amenities might not be important. Share this list with your Savvy agent and watch them work their magic!

Buying a home is a huge decision with lots of steps along the way. This process is way easier with a professional real estate agent by your side. Interview two to three agents and ask about their experience working with buyers, their access to available homes and be sure to check references from past clients. Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents offer comprehensive presentations that outline exactly how they can help you find the home of your dreams from first look to closing day. Start by scheduling a meeting in person or virtually.

Set a Budget

Once you’ve narrowed down what you are looking for, determine how much you can afford. Contact banks and other lenders and ask about required credit scores, information on current interest rates, available mortgage products and if they have programs that offer down payment or closing cost assistance. While this might look overwhelming, your Savvy + Co. agent can jump start the process and get you on the right track.

Assemble Paperwork

Finding a new home is fun, but also requires lots of paperwork. Get ahead of the curve and start assembling checking and saving statements, credit card and retirement information, rental history documentation, etc. Your Savvy + Co. agent can give you a list of what you will most likely need to get started. How you hold title (own) your new home is another consideration to think through. Your paperwork could differ depending if you are married, single, living with someone or purchasing the home with one or more family members.

This is your year, start it off right with a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent. Welcome home!