One of the best things about living in the South is the opportunity to spend lots and lots of time outdoors. Large lawn or small patio, creating a welcoming and fun outside spot to entertain or grab some much needed “you” time is closer than you think. These seven ideas are a great way to build a dream space under the sun and stars without spending tons of time or money. 

Clean Up

The most important step in creating an epic outdoor area is the clean up. Start by picking up sticks, leaves and other debris and throwing away any trash. If you have furniture or larger items, move them to the side so you can get a better sense of space.

Lights, Lights and More Lights

Get the most bang for your backyard buck with fab lighting design. Use string lights to highlight a cozy sitting area or bring out a lamp to complete a romantic dining space for two. Wrap colorful lights around trees or bushes for the perfect ambiance all year. No electrical outlet? No problem. Today’s products come in tons of interesting shapes and colors and are solar powered!

Differentiate Space

Space defines activity and activity defines space. Determine how you want to use your various outdoor areas and design accordingly. Add a fire pit with mismatched chairs in one area and a game table with plenty of storage in another. If you have the room, use pavers to outline a Bocce ball court or corn hole area and hang a dartboard on a fence or tree for another place to play.

Infuse Interesting Details

Stay on the lookout for creative and decorative accents that can handle the elements or be easily replaced each season. Think outside the box! Spray paint old car tires to use as planters, hang empty picture frames on a fence line to add depth and interest, string a collection of chandeliers from a tree or dress up a scarecrow couple to greet guests.

Bring the Outside In

Make any evening extra special when you move the dining or kitchen table outside. With comfortable seating for everyone and plenty of room to eat together, this welcoming space is sure to encourage lively conversation and create a cool vibe. Put down outdoor rugs to add a splash of color and elegance.  

Welcome Nature

When designing the ultimate outdoor area, remember to invite nature to the party.  Plant bushes and flowers that attract bees and butterflies, put up colorful birdhouses for winged friends or hang hummingbird feeders around the yard.  

Peaceful Place

Remember to create areas for relaxation, hobbies and downtime. Planting a small garden is a great way to relieve stress and grow yummy things for the dinner table. Put up a hammock for lazy summer naps or place a comfortable bench under a tree for quiet time or journaling. 

Make the outdoors all about you and welcome the new season in style! If you’ve outgrown your outdoor living space or want to see some truly spectacular porch spots, contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent today.