At Savvy + Co. Real Estate our customer service philosophy of “Smart Real Estate, Nice People” is how we describe our company, our agents, and our business practice. During this uncertain time, that philosophy is taking a different meaning. 

We all have lots of questions these days but wanted to take some time to address some of yours. Even as things change at a rapid pace, what doesn’t change is our commitment to our customers and work-family.

Spring Real Estate

Q: What should I do if I am in the middle of a real estate transaction?

A: Stay in touch with your Savvy +  Co. Real Estate agent who can keep you updated on how things are moving along. With business closures and social distancing practices in place, it might take longer to get through the necessary steps to complete your real estate sale or purchase. If at all possible, agents are working to see the process through to completion while keeping the health and safety of agents and clients at the forefront.

Q: What steps can I take if I am thinking about buying a home?

A:  Even with the pandemic, life must go on, and for many, that includes continuing with plans to sell their homes, buy a home, or relocate for jobs or family. This is a great time to start emailing a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent with your questions about the home buying process. They have tons of resources for you to dive into right from your home office or couch! Set up an online meeting with an agent and start thinking about what some of your must-haves include. If you are ready, start researching mortgage options, including online services. 

With amazing technology in place, you can tour homes online, see pictures and explore neighborhoods. Our website is open 24 hours a day and includes valuable and helpful information to get you excited about your next move. 

Q: Can I do anything if I want to sell my home?

A: Yes! While the process might take longer than expected, there are several things you can do now to get ready. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Savvy +  Co. Real Estate website and learn about our fabulous agents. Set up virtual meetings and find the agent perfect for you. This is also a wonderful time to declutter and start getting your home ready to sell, make minor repairs, spruce up the lawn or put on a fresh coat of paint! If you are in the middle of a big home improvement project or renovation, be aware delivery of goods or services to finish the job could be delayed. 

We care about our interactions and are taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our agents and our clients. We are staying informed and following the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Most importantly, we know we will make it through this tough time and come roaring back, better than ever. 

Stay safe and well.