With so many charming neighborhoods in the Queen City, there is a lot to love about Charlotte. Although there are many house styles, there is one style that has stolen our hearts… the bungalow. Bungalow homes embody what’s special about living in the South – rocking chair front porches, stunning attention to detail, and typically tight-knit communities. We spoke to Jeff King, a very bungalow-savvy Savvy agent, about this hot style. He says you can find two different types of bungalow homes in Charlotte – those constructed in the early 20th Century and newer bungalows built throughout the city.

King broke down the seven most popular bungalow neighborhoods in Charlotte by online searches on Savvy’s website and shared why he thinks bungalows will never go out of style.

(1) NoDa

Named after North Davidson Street, NoDa is a hip neighborhood you take out-of-town friends when you want to show off the Queen City’s cool vibe. The renaissance of this area followed a local art movement. Soon restaurants, boutiques, bars and other great places to gather started springing up. Here you can find big beautiful bungalows designed in the classic style.

“The historic bungalows are typically one to one and a half stories and have a front porch,” King said. “The ‘rocking chair’ front porch is definitely a feature you’ll find in the typical Charlotte bungalow.”

(2) Midwood

Midwood was designed around a trolley line that ran from downtown, and is one of the original bungalow neighborhoods built near the city. Besides great restaurant and shop finds, Midwood boasts beautiful sidewalks making this area walkable, connected and friendly.

“There are a few other historic bungalows scattered throughout the city, but the majority will be found in that first ‘ring’ of neighborhoods around Uptown where the original homes were first constructed,” King said.

(3) Wilmore

Wilmore is a classic, charming neighborhood that seems to be right in the middle of everything. As South End continues to thrive, the convenience and fun factor of living in Wilmore continues to heat up. With bungalows built in the 20s and 30s, you can find the perfect home with all your favorite characteristics.

“Things that make bungalows unique are high ceilings ranging from 9-feet to has high as 12-feet, leaded glass windows, wooden windows with vertical mullions on the top sash and clear class on the bottom,” King said.

(4) Dilworth

The Dilworth neighborhood is synonymous with the bungalow-style home, so it’s easy to see why this area is one of the most sought after in the city.

“Home buyers love these homes because of their great front porches to sip a cup of coffee, read or have neighbors over for a glass of wine,” King said. “They really lend themselves to a social lifestyle.”

Originally created in 1900 as Charlotte’s first street-car suburb, many Dilworth residences are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

(5) Chantilly

Some of King’s favorite attributes of bungalow-style homes are the porches, leaded windows, beautiful hardwood floors, solid wood doors, transom windows, door hardware and tall ceilings. Nestled in between Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood, you can find all these unique bungalow characteristics in the homes that make up the popular and beautiful  Chantilly neighborhood.

(6) Elizabeth

Going way back, Elizabeth has been THE place to live. Home to department store magnate William Henry Belk, you can find Charlotte’s first neighborhood movie theater here – today home to The Visulite. Remember, if you decide to live here or any other historic neighborhood, there could be restrictions.

“If you buy a bungalow in a designated historic district, you’ll need to get any exterior renovations or changes approved with the historic district committee,” King said.

(7) Wesley Heights

The hot Wesley Heights neighborhood, located near Bank of American stadium, has a mix of old bungalow style homes dating back to the 1900s and new build bungalow style homes.

“When it comes to new construction and bungalows, you’ll find them all over the city these days,” King said.

Newer bungalow-style homes come without some of the headaches you’ll find in older homes, including lack of insulation and windows that have been painted shut. Old or new, it’s up to you.

Are you as in love with bungalow homes as we are? If so, give Jeff King a call, whether you want an older home or new build, he speaks “bungalow” fluently and can help you find a place you are going to love.