Some people might think the coming of the holidays means hitting the breaks when it comes to selling their home in Charlotte, but that simply isn’t true says Savvy + Co. Real Estate Agent Juliana Labarbera. Juliana was born in Kentucky and moved to Charlotte in 1993 – right after high school. One thing she loves about the Queen City is being able to enjoy all four seasons of the year – including the cooler, holiday season.

The holiday season is all about family and friends, but the holiday season is also a great time to put your Charlotte home on the market, says Juliana. Here’s why…

Less inventory

Let other sellers wait until spring to put their homes on a traditionally more congested market, you’re ready to go now! Less inventory means more walk throughs of your home with more potential buyers.  “If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, do it! I’ve seen homes go very quickly during the holiday season,” Juliana says.

Warm and cozy

Your house is already gussied up and looking beautiful for the holidays which makes it a great time for sellers to take a look. There’s something about lights, bows and greenery that make a home feel warm, cozy and inviting. “Holiday decorations can showcase to potential buyers how rooms can be used for special occasions and get togethers,” adds Juliana. “Just remember to keep it simple.” Trees, bows and garland are perfect for the season. However, this is probably the year to skip the inflatable reindeer scene.

Perfect timing

The holiday break brings with it precious downtime which means potential buyers have time to close on a home, settle kids into a new school if needed, pack, move, unpack and be ready to enjoy life in their new home in the new year. Make life even easier for them by pricing your home right and being flexible with the closing date. “If you are ready to get your home sold, this is the right season,” says Juliana. “Buyers need to get closed and move on with their lives which could mean a quicker sale.”

Make a schedule

The holidays are hectic for everyone – especially if you are trying to sell your home. But you can use this time to your advantage. Block out no show dates when you are entertaining company or expecting a hectic day. Planning on going out of town? That is a great time to get the house ready and schedule showings. Who knows, you could be coming home to an offer or two!

Anyone home?

If the home is vacant, be sure to make it warm and inviting for future buyers. Before a showing, set the heat to a comfortable temperature. (It’s hard to do anything when you’re cold, especially fall in love with a home.) Also make the outside of your home safe and inviting by picking up the leaves and putting lights on timers. While this is a fantastic season to sell your home, most showing will take place in the evening.


Buyers tend to be more serious this time of year. If they are house hunting in the winter, they need to move NOW. That translates into more potential offers on your home and a faster close. Of course working with an professional real estate agent always helps the process and talking to potential buyers who are prequalified could be the biggest gift you give yourself all year. Yeah! It really does feel like the most magical time of the year.

Juliana has made her list and checked it twice! Give her a call for some additional holiday selling tips and unwrap the possibilities of putting your home on the market this holiday season.

This post originally ran on CharlotteFive.