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“Julie Coffey is simply the BEST! Our home buying process would not have been what it was without her. She is so accessible and easygoing. We didn’t feel nervous or awkward asking her questions. She is a pleasure to be around and we know she worked hard for us behind the scenes.” — Emily Schlick

What does providing exceptional customer service really mean? To a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent it means making the process of buying or selling a home easy, enjoyable and positive. It means providing new homebuyer education courses, working with the most caring and knowledgeable agents in the industry and continuing to go above and beyond for each and every client no matter the market conditions.

It means forming trusting relationships when working with clients with specific criteria who are moving across the country. When the COVID pandemic happened, Levi and Emily Schlick knew it was time and were ready to make the move from California to North Carolina where Emily’s parents live. The Schlick’s turned to Savvy + Co. agent Julie Coffey to help them find their perfect modern home in the Raintree neighborhood.

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Time to make a move

Levi and Emily Schlick were living the California dream, first near Palm Springs and then Los Angeles. As the pandemic continued, they knew it was time to move back East. They didn’t want to rent so they began searching for a realtor in Charlotte.

Through her research, Emily found the Savvy + Co. website and left her contact information. Less than a day later, agent Julie Coffey, who specializes in working with clients relocating to Charlotte, reached out to introduce herself. It was an immediate connection and the bi-coastal search for a new home began.

Let the house hunt begin

Emily and Levi started their home search remotely from Los Angeles and kept in touch with Julie over the phone and by email.

“Julie would share MLS listings and we favorited things we liked and added comments about things we didn’t,” said Emily. “This ended up being helpful, as we got a feel for the market and got her feedback prior to actually visiting.”

Emily and Levi were open to any neighborhood and their budget range varied quite a bit. Did they want a smaller house to start with that they may grow out of in a few years? Or did they want a house that they could grow into and that would be more long-term? But where would they start?

“Since they were relocation buyers, they relied on me to educate, negotiate and advocate for their best interests,” said Julie. “While we had a date planned for them to fly out and do an in-person search and I continued to send them listings.  Initially, they found a home they were interested in, and we did a virtual showing. Ultimately, it didn’t work out, but after an in-person whirlwind weekend tour, we found the perfect home for them!”

Planes, Masks, and Negotiations

Levi and Emily decided to fly out for a whirlwind house-hunting weekend and Julie had lined up 10 homes for us to look at in one day.

“Julie never pressured us to decide on one set criteria or declare anything black or white. Instead, she asked questions, listened to our answers, and made helpful suggestions, calling out perspectives we hadn’t considered,” said Emily.

It would be a renovated modern home in the Raintree located on a golf course that would feel like home the moment the Schlicks walked inside. Once the decision was made, it was now time to get to work.

“Our buying process was somewhat unique, as it was for sale by owner. The previous owners had completed a significant remodel and weren’t in a rush to sell. It was listed higher than the neighborhood comps, which meant it might not appraise at the price they were asking. Julie helped us navigate all of the negotiations flawlessly and partnered us with an excellent mortgage lender.”

With the home at the top of the price point for the area, Julie said that not only were negotiations tough but that there was a lot of interest from multiple buyers.

“Emily and Levi were advised on their options, and we agreed to pay any difference in the appraisal. Despite being cautioned the amount could be as much as 100k or more, our fantastic preferred lender and appraisal team secured a much smaller difference. Emily and Levi were thrilled and then we were able to do the inspection and closing all remotely.”

Emily and Levi love their new home and are adjusting to life in the Queen City. One of Julie’s favorite memories was when Emily and Levi sent her a photo from the plane on their way to Charlotte.

“It was a photo of them on the airplane, appropriately masked up and excited to begin their search. We had a fun bonding moment when I sent them a similar wacky shot of me in the car with a mask ready to meet them and find them a home.”

So if you’re looking to buy, sell or relocating to the Charlotte area, contact Julie!