Yep, 2020 has turned out to be a doozy. While things have changed in how we communicate, work, learn and spend time together (while 6 feet apart), what has remained the same is the hot Charlotte real estate market. The Queen City is still an attractive place to live, work and play, and buyers are ready to purchase a home and put down roots. 

All this might make you wonder what your home is worth and if this might be a great time to talk to a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent. (Answer: yes, yes and yes!) Savvy agents have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in all types of market conditions so they are equipped and ready to help you explore the options. Buyers are buying – are you ready to sell?

Below are five reasons to consider selling your home TODAY.

1. Low Inventory

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, there is no doubt you know housing inventory in Charlotte and surrounding area is at an all-time low. Translation: There are more people in the market looking for homes than actual homes to purchase. Low inventory means more potential buyers, the opportunity to get a great price on your home and the chance to negotiate a favorable contract with terms (like moving date, repairs, etc.) that fit your needs.

Savvy Advice: “Inventory of homes in Charlotte is historically low right now, around 1.3 month’s supply – while 6 month’s supply is considered an even-handed market for both buyers and sellers.  Don’t let the worry of where or how to buy your next home stop you from selling. With the right game plan, strategy, and team around you – you can get your dream in motion.”Danielle Potter

Danielle Potter wearing a green dress

2. Lifestyle Changes

Life is changing quickly – is your home keeping up? Maybe you need a larger kitchen, spacious studio for your new hobby, a yard for your favorite four-legged friends or want a low maintenance abode. This is a great time to assess if your home is a good fit for how you are living today and into the future. Plus while your home may not be exactly what you need any longer – it is someone’s dream home!

Savvy Advice: “Buyers are looking for features that support their current lifestyle. For many, working from home requires a dedicated space for conducting business. Buying a home with a pool, deck and additional outdoor space makes it easy to bring the party home, in a socially responsible sort of way!”Kim Parati

Kim Parati wearing a black and white floral dress

3. Sell Virtually

Savvy + Co. Real Estate has a reputation for staying on trend in terms of what clients want and implementing technology to make the home buying and selling experience as easy and safe as possible. From virtual showings, video marketing and Zoom meetings, to Facetime walkthroughs and conducting open house events safely – they get the job done.

Savvy Advice: “With the onset of COVID-19, Savvy + Co. agents jumped right in and continued helping our clients by streaming live open houses via Instagram and Zoom, amping up our video marketing with drone video and 3D walk-throughs and scheduling tons of FaceTime showings!  We didn’t miss a beat! We are excited to offer all these avenues to make our clients search safe and easy during these unprecedented times.”Jessica Flinn

Jessica Flinn wearing a white shirt and blue blazer

4. Eager Buyers

Potential buyers who are in the market today aren’t just looking for fab decorating ideas, they are ready to purchase! A Savvy agent can discuss your home selling goals and help position your home to stand out.

Savvy Advice: “Many who were perfectly content are now eager buyers ready to make a change. Millennials who work from home in small apartment spaces are craving more square footage, decorating control and a backyard for sweet Max! Some empty nesters are ready to downsize. We’re also seeing city dwellers from near and far deciding ‘green acres is the place to be’ longing for fewer city hassles, lower taxes and large lots.”Rhonda Gibbons

5. Interest Rates

Interest rates are at an all time low, meaning buyers can get more house for their money. While this perk could change, lots of people are taking advantage of the current situation – meaning they are ready to check out your home, pack up and move in!

Savvy Advice: “We’re in a historic period for real estate right now with interest rates at all-time lows. Whether you are buying your first home or are seasoned but need to get away from the four walls you’ve stared at the past six months, you can go into your purchase with a sense of security and save a lot on your monthly mortgage payments.” – Noah Spencer

Noh Spencer wearing a white button down shirt with a gray half zip sweater over it

This is a great time to explore the possibilities! If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent today or fill out this form here. They can provide all the information, facts and data you need to make your next move the right one!