Savvy + Co. Real Estate has always known that behind every successful agent is an incredible Broker-in-Charge. And Kristen Shinault, Broker-in-Charge extraordinaire, proves this statement to be true time and time again.

Kristen and her team work tirelessly to ensure that each agent has the support they need to build their business and define success in their own way. With a focus on letting agents do what they do best – work with buyers and sellers – Savvy + Co. allows them to shine without worrying about the nitty-gritty of marketing or paperwork.

There is so much that goes into the business of being a real estate agent,” says Kristen. “No one person can do it all. Savvy offers so many benefits to our agents to leverage their time and energy to focus on their clients and earn new business. It’s important for agents in all stages of their careers to be top of mind with their past and present clients and the people they come in contact with daily. We want to support them in doing that any way we can.”

Kristen Shinault, Broker-in-Charge at Savvy + Co. Real Estate

Kristen grew up outside of Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia where she met her husband. The two lived in Athens before moving to Ballantyne in 2003, eventually settling in Waxhaw.

As an outside sales representative for a local wine and beer distributor, Kristen had the opportunity to explore Charlotte’s cool and quirky neighborhoods and her thoughts turned to real estate. She became an agent in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Kristen’s enthusiasm for helping people find their dream home or sell their property to start the next chapter of their life is infectious.“I loved the joy that came with helping people find a new home or sell to move where they were going to next.”

At Savvy + Co., each agent is unique, and Kristen and her team recognize that. They understand the importance of building a personalized relationship with each agent to help them succeed in their own way. Whether you’re a new agent looking for comprehensive training or a seasoned professional ready for the next step, Savvy + Co. is here to help you build your business. “It’s important to understand each agent’s personality and what motivates them to succeed,” says Kristen. “I am always available to answer questions, even ones that may seem silly or small, sometimes just talking out a scenario helps put agents at ease. I also offer comprehensive training for newer agents and ongoing training opportunities for seasoned agents to keep up with and grow their skills.”

Kristen says her door is always open to her agents to answer questions, talk through scenarios, create comprehensive training for newer agents, and develop personalized programs for seasoned professionals. And if you just want to catch up over coffee, Kristen is there for that too!


Considering a change in your real estate career? Joining a new brokerage is a big deal. Whether you’re still exploring options or ready to take the next step, we’re here to chat with you about the powerful tools and resources Savvy + Co. has to offer. Visit our website,, for more information. Let’s start a conversation about your future success!