“I wanted to be with a firm that I felt would give me the absolute best chance at success. I felt Savvy + Co. would be the best fit for me because they were so forward-thinking when it came to their website presence, social media, and branding.” – Shannon Lynch

Why Savvy + Co. Real Estate

At Savvy + Co. we believe that our unique customer service philosophy of “Smart Real Estate, Nice People” can help take our agents’ careers to the next level. Our collaborative atmosphere, agent camaraderie, unparalleled marketing support, and commitment to education and technology help our agents succeed in the real estate industry.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Shannon Lynch has to say about why she chose Savvy + Co. Real Estate.

Where to Start

“I am originally from Queens, and I moved to Charlotte in 1995. I’ve been in Charlotte longer than I was in New York!  I’ve seen a lot of change and growth here over the last 25 years. Uptown used to be a ghost town after 5 p.m. on weekdays and weekends. That sure has changed! 

I worked at FedEx for 25 years before becoming an agent. My roles at FedEx included customer service agent, courier, and as a dispatcher.  In 2005, I started becoming an active real estate investor. I bought, renovated, and sold properties. I also became a landlord and I own investment properties.

When the market took a hit around 2007/08, I stopped doing rehabs and just held onto my rentals. I received my real estate license in 2011 when the market started to recover. Little did I know just how much I would love real estate.”

Where to Find Support

“When I first got my real estate license I joined an established firm. The ongoing learning and support weren’t there to the extent I wanted or needed.  Luckily, my mentor, who was the Broker in Charge, had many years in the business so I learned a lot. I believe every agent should have a mentor or be involved with an ongoing training/education program. It’s a tough business in which to survive/thrive without these.

I remember seeing advertisements for Savvy + Co. long before I ever thought about becoming a REALTOR®. I loved their colorful marketing pieces and their overall “vibe”. They struck me as hip, and always seemed to be in the know about the most popular and the ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods.

I joined Savvy on October 1, 2014, and I’ve never looked back.

I had no idea just how supportive Savvy + Co. would be for me. They really value the agents, and they make sure we know it.  As an independent contractor, which agents are, it can sometimes feel like you’re on your own, just trying to figure everything out. But it’s not like that here. The door is always open for conversations, questions, ideas, and troubleshooting. 

We have an excellent marketing team. Our brochures, presentations, and signage are eye-catching and beautiful. Anytime I am asked what firm I am with and I say Savvy, people automatically recognize the brand. ‘Oh, you have those cute blue signs and the Oops Too Late sign!’ I can’t help but beam a little with pride.”

Shannon Lynch wearing a white shirt and Real Estate is my Hustle face mask standing with a lady wearing a camouflage shirt
White painted brick home with brown shutters and columns and railings with fenced in backyard and front yard with green grass and a Savvy Co Real Estate sign
Shannon Lunch wearing a blue shirt and black shorts and blue Savvy converses and a face mask riding a bike

Where to Succeed

“There’s a nice camaraderie amongst the agents. The owners are available to lend an ear, too. It’s like family. Savvy + Co. Real Estate’s tagline is “Smart Real Estate, Nice People”… and it’s true. They want us to succeed. I believe my success is due in part to the Savvy + Co. branding, along with the name recognition. It matters.

I have sold over $39 million in volume and have been involved with 152 closings and counting. Every year my numbers on average have improved.

This is my sixth year doing real estate fulltime and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I get phone calls or emails from other firms looking to recruit me. My answer is always the same, ‘Thanks, but I’m very happy where I am.’”

Want to Get Savvy?

We are taking a fresh approach and are looking for agents that want to move their business forward with new technology. Fill out our contact form on our Careers page, and let us know a little bit about yourself. We’ll be in touch soon!

Shannon Lynch wearing a gray sleeveless blouse and a blue Savvy and Co Real Estate baseball cap