Dogs are a great judge of character. One sniff and they have an uncanny ability to let you know if your date is a loser or if that new group of brewery friends are the real thing.

We say put that sixth sense to good use and let Scarlett (a Vizsla) show you around this awesome property in Historic Dilworth. Scarlett begged real estate agent Heather Claxton to let her give you a tour of the home. With one cute sideways head tilt from Scarlett, Heather agreed – we can’t blame her. While this property has already sold, Scarlett gives great insight regarding what makes a house a home for your fur babies. Take it away, Scarlett.

Thanks for the tour, Scarlett! Want to see more homes that are dog-gone right for you in Charlotte and beyond? Contact Heather, you’ll enjoy working with her and the rest of the Savvy + Co. Real Estate team, no bones about it.