Lexie Longstreet


Growing up an Army Brat, my family had to pick up and move every two years. By the time I was in college I had lived in over 15 houses! Through this experience, I learned how traumatic or exciting a move can be. When I received a golf scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, little did I know that this would be the city I’d eventually call home.

After college I moved around some more – it was in my blood. I lived in New York City and Los Angeles while working in the film production and advertising business. I worked on movies, TV shows and commercials for over fifteen years. As a producer and director, I learned to quickly pull together hundreds of elements and creatively juggle them into a finished production. Traveling all over the USA, plus Spain, France and Russia, the work was both exciting and rewarding, (sometimes traumatic too) but I longed to be settled. I wanted to be with my dogs, cook a meal, plant a garden – at home. So I decided to take what I was good at – juggling the details and what I loved, home, and put them together in my second career.

Now I enjoy working on my house, walking my dogs and spending time with my friends and family. Every once and a while I get out and play a round of golf with a few buddies I can beat. And I still love the movies, but now I just like to go watch them.

A few words from my valued clients:

“When I began looking for my first home, I didn’t know where to start. So a friend recommended I call Lexie. I was comfortable immediately with Lexie and knew that I could trust her completely.” – Monica Barrios

“As soon as we sat down with Lexie, it was obvious that she understood our needs right away. She actually found us more house than we ever thought we could afford.” – Tim & Karen Weast Duvall

“Lexie found the perfect house for our family. I can be demanding and picky – Lexie handled my demands and quirks with stylepatience and professionalism.

Our new house is perfect for us. I’ll never really be able to express how much I appreciated your help through this time of major change. It meant the world to me.” – Mary Noble

“When I was relocating to Charlotte, I didn’t know where to start looking for a home. It was such a joy to work with Lexie in buying my home. She showed me homes in very cool neighborhoods that I though I could afford to live in. It was amazing – Lexie knows Charlotte like her own backyard!” – Sandi Fix

“Hi Nadia, You probably already know by now… but we received an offer yesterday. Lexie is absolutely wonderful! I wish we had signed up withh your team long ago to sell our townhouse!” – Patricia Green

“Hello Lexie, We truly appreciate all the time and personal attention you gave us. I know we needed a lot of attention as first time home-buyers too! Everyday this house becomes more and more of our home and we owe that to you!” – Heather Lepinksi & Sean Ruse