In these times, it is nice to know some things don’t change – like the need for meetings – and meetings about meetings. While Zoom virtual meetings don’t include free doughnuts from the breakroom or the ability to hide behind your coworker – you can download a groovy background to wow your Zoom buds. 

Savvy + Co. Real Estate is not only your go-to for all things real estate, but they can jazz up your virtual background and put a smile on your face. 

Ditch the flowing palm trees and stoic Golden Gate Bridge for jaw-dropping pics from amazing interiors and exteriors from some of the areas hottest available homes. 

Attend your next staff meeting in a to-die-for kitchen or stunning home office space, talk to family while lounging by the pool or cozy fireplace or host girls night in a bright and cheery yoga studio. The choice is yours! With so many cool options you can change your virtual background as often as you open the refrigerator.

What… I can change my background? Yes, you can and here’s how on Zoom. It’s easy!

Go to your Zoom account and click “Settings.” Then look for “Virtual Backgrounds” by scrolling under “Meetings (Advanced).” You will have a few preset selections. You will also see the “Add Image” button.

To add a Savvy + Co. Real Estate background, click the download option below the picture you’d like to use as a virtual background and save it to your desktop. Return to your “Virtual Background” setting and upload your saved images from your desktop.

Now you have a library of cozy couches, killer kitchens, darling decks and so much more. Enjoy!

Kim Parati at 1425 Shamrock Drive. Download this background here.

Lana Laws at 101 Redbird Lane at Cardinal Crest. Download this background here.

Lara Bucci at 310 Arlington Avenue, Unit 201 at Factory South. Download this background here.

Shannon Lynch at 228 Church Street. Download this background here.

Erum Faruqui at 3227 Erskine Drive. Download this background here.