With small businesses affected by closures and loss of business due to COVID-19, it is important now more than ever to support local.

Savvy + Co. Real Estate, and our agents, are very connected to the Charlotte area and we are all doing our part to support local. We are all in this together and the smallest gestures can have the greatest impact.

Here are five ideas of how we can all support local businesses during this time.

The Power of a Like or a Review

With many business closing, from restaurants to boutiques and everything else in between, now more than ever a positive review or like and follow on their social media pages are essential. Do you have a favorite local business? If so, take this time to write a review about why they are so awesome and why others should buy their service or offering.

Future Date Nights

Do you miss going out and sitting in a restaurant as much as we do? From a night out with friends to a meal with a loved one, we miss going out. Restaurants more than ever need support and a great way to show support is to buy gift cards to your favorite spot. They will get the money now, and you’ll have a gift card ready for when they open again.

Birthday Presents

Birthday celebrations look a bit different for those with March, April, and even May birthdays. Dinner with friends or drinks at a brewery isn’t an option anymore in the traditional sense. Now is the time to get creative with how you celebrate your loved ones. Some great options include hosting a birthday party via Zoom, sending them a gift from their favorite local store to enjoy now, or sending them a gift card to enjoy when businesses open.


If you can’t go to your favorite restaurant, bookstore, or brewery, why not bring them to you? Takeout and curbside pickup options are available for many different businesses at this time. Order ahead of time, select a pickup timeslot and then show up. You’ll get out of the house for a bit and you’re supporting local businesses.

Tip Extra

If you’re able to venture out and you have the funds, considering adding a little more than you normally would to the ‘tip jars’ and the gratuity line on your receipt. The restaurant industry has suffered greatly in the past few weeks and those still open are working hard to stay open. Show them you appreciate them and their service with a bigger than usual tip.