Get Savvy with an Etcetera Fashion Show!  A high end fashion brand, Etcetera, will be invading the Savvy headquarters in Ballantyne Village on May 7th, to combine fashion and fun with a touch of real estate. Etcetera is an elite women’s fashion brand that launched in 2000. The company quickly gained a high-quality status as Etcetera lets “clients know they’re wearing something extraordinary.”

Invite_Etc Summer Fashion Show_May 2015_v2_Outlined

In order to view these extraordinary pieces, Etcetera usually has private appointments and trunk-shows. However, Savvy +  Co. has the special opportunity to team up with Etcetera and break from the norm by hosting a fashion show rather than a trunk show. Complete with a runway and all, Savvy + Co. is ready to host this rare event.

But why Savvy + Co. you may ask? Well, at the Ballantyne location, Savvy + Co. boasts an open and modern office that feels like a jump into the future, with its open concept and high-tech environment complete with a stylish lounge appeal. Designed to match the casual yet fast-paced world of today’s mobile real estate agent, the new office does away with private offices and instead provides open workstations, comfortable furniture, and Wi-Fi. The modern set-up Savvy possesses makes it the perfect location to host the fashion show for such a stylish and up-scale brand.

Savvy-wallNot only is Savvy + Co. hosting the event due to their prime set-up, but also because Savvy + Co. is a forward-thinking firm that takes pride in the knowledge of Charlotte and its unique communities. Savvy + Co. believes in being involved in the community in order to gain knowledge to impart to clients. The fashion show with Etcetera allows Savvy to host a fun night while also staying involved in the surrounding community. So May 7th, join us for a night of fashion and fun as two companies bond together to create a memorable night for all.

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