When embarking on the home buying process, remember that a real estate buyer’s agent is your friend. With knowledge and patience, a buyers agent will take you through the home buying process and make it as easy as possible for you. Ashley Johnson  loves being a buyers agent.“Every buyer is different which is what I love about what I do,” says Ashley. “I’ve worked with first time buyers and guided them through the process, helped people moving from out of state get settled here and assisted clients purchasing their third or fourth home.”  Here are the reasons why a buyers agent can help buyers have the best experience while hunting for their dream home.

They are in “the know”

Buyers agents know what makes each Charlotte neighborhood unique and and can help match your personality with the perfect place to live.  They also know (or can find out) information will be critical for buyers to make a big decision about buying a home –  like what schools are zoned for each neighborhood, if there is a gym nearby or if the new parking deck is going to end up in your backyard. All good things to know!

They are well connected

If you are friends with someone who seems to know everyone everywhere you go, then you know the importance of connections. This is the same when selecting a buyer’s agent. They should know tons of people including other agents and when they are out and about, they keep their eyes and ears open in search of the perfect opportunity for you. They also know mortgage lenders, attorneys, termite inspectors and a whole slew of people who help make this home buying thing work.

They are excellent negotiators

Your buyer’s agent makes being on your side an art form and is a top negotiator. “A buyers agent is an advocate for you and is in the trenches with you. I speak from experience, but a buyers agent will not rest until their clients find the best option for them,” says Ashley. They know the local market and they know the values of homes. Negotiating is crucial for you to get a good deal, so they work with seller’s agents to ensure you get the home you want at a price that works for you. Ultimately, they have your best interests in mind. These experts are just who you need by your side in what can often be a tight market.

They offer a different perspective

You may fall for a home with problems you shouldn’t overlook like a bad location, bad odors you are going to spend years trying to remove or a foundation problem you don’t want to touch. (Trust us). They are there to tell it like it is – the good the bad and the stinky. “Although you may have an idea of the areas you want to live in, a seasoned buyers agent may be able to guide you in a different direction,” says Ashley. “A buyers agent should know important facts about the various neighborhoods you are looking at to purchase a home. Facts such as school statistics, cost of living, traffic and potential commute times are things that should be known.”

It’s free

As they say, some of the best things in life are free including the very helpful services of a buyer’s agent. You don’t pay for their expertise, knowledge, guidance or helpfulness. They are usually paid by the seller so they are 100 percent prime time on your side. Buyer’s agents love working with clients just like you.

Contact Ashley or one of our other agents. They’d love to talk with you about your future home buying plans and how they can help make it a reality in 2018.