2022 came in with a bang with no signs of a slowing housing market! As homes list and sell at breakneck speeds, determining the best plan of action can get confusing. Should you sell your home yourself? Can you save money purchasing an off-market property? Is pricing a home far above average a good strategy?

Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents are local experts, committed to helping clients achieve housing goals in all types of market conditions. Contact an agent today and get the facts on how to make your home buying and selling dreams come true. 

Myth 1: Having a real estate agent doesn’t really make a difference.

Savvy Truth: In today’s market, some buyers and sellers might wonder if working with a professional real estate agent is worth it. The fact is, a knowledgeable agent will not only help you get the most money at closing but facilitate all the steps in between. And if you are searching for a home, your agent is connected to a huge database of inventory and knows what it takes to find an abode to suit your needs. A real estate agent presents offers, manages repairs, negotiates on your behalf, keeps everything on track and so much more.

Myth 2: Selling your home off-market is a better way to go.

Savvy Truth: While not opening your home to the public may sound appealing, the fact is you could be missing out! If only one or two buyers come calling, you could leave money on the table and lose leverage in negotiations. Your Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent will put your listing in the MLS so a larger group of buyers can decide if your home is right for them. Plus, more interest could create a multiple offer situation with more favorable terms.

Myth 3: A seller does not need to do any prep work before putting a home on the market.

Savvy Truth:  Like life, real estate calls for preparation. Some sellers may decide they don’t need to do a thing to their home before it goes on the market, but those who do take time to get ready often experience less days on market, a higher sales price and better terms. Your Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent is happy to view your property and discuss how to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Myth 4: Buyers and sellers can find everything they need to know online.

Savvy Truth: Cruising the Internet before entering the real estate market is a fantastic first step. Technology has made it easy to view properties, learn about financing options and schedule the moving van. When you are ready to start the process, working with a reliable agent not only reduces the day-to-day stress of a move, but prevents costly mistakes. A Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent knows the ins and outs of contracts, forms and deadlines and how to address issues if they arise. Agents are area experts with valuable information about neighborhoods, schools, nearby amenities, future growth plans and more.

Myth 5: Setting a high price for a property can be done in today’s market, especially with little inventory.

Savvy Truth: Remember, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” While it can be tempting to shoot for a big number, it could also discourage someone from making an offer on your home. Just like you, today’s buyers do their research and know an overpriced property when they see one. Worse, having to drop the property price could be seen as a red flag. Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents have the most accurate information to help you price your home right.

Myth 6: I can get a better deal making an offer on a property that isn’t on the market.

Savvy Truth: Everything is for sale – especially in real estate. However, if you find a seller willing to move, it might not be worth it in the end. A surprise seller might need more time to find another property, secure financing or insist on terms that are detrimental to the buyer. Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents eat, sleep and breathe real estate. They know what’s coming on the market and how to work with buyers and sellers for a happy transaction.

Want to talk more myths and truths, find out what your home is worth or get started looking for a new home? Contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent today. Welcome home!