Whew! With the summer housing market heating up, it is getting tougher and tougher to figure out the best plan of action. Should you buy a home now? Is it best to stay put? How should you go about getting the biggest bang for your buck? 

Savvy + Co. Real Estate agents eat, sleep and breathe the housing market and help clients in all types of conditions. Their goal is to make the process easy and successful and separate fact from fiction. Below are five common housing myths that could be standing in the way of making your home buying and selling dreams a reality. 

“Waiting it out is best.”

While rising interest rates can be intimidating, they are still at historic lows. Just like most things in life, waiting for the perfect moment to do something (or anything) could mean a hefty amount of regret down the road. Before you throw your dreams of homeownership out the window, talk with a Savvy + Co. Real Estate professional. They can refer you to mortgage peeps who can show you what your payment would look like based on home price and other factors. This is a great time to get paperwork together and become prequalified so you know EXACTLY how much house you can afford, then contact your agent and go after it!

“There are NO houses on the market.”

While the increased demand can make it feel like slim pickings, there is a decent supply of houses, condos and townhomes ready for a buyer just like you. The truth is not only is your Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent an expert at walking clients through the home buying and selling process, they also have wide reach and connections to help find abodes you might have missed. Once you compile your wish list and are preapproved, they will start searching high and low for your dream home.  

“My house will sell no matter how high the sales price.”

This is a widespread misconception that is costing sellers precious time and money! Property – in general – is appreciating, however, pricing a home right the first time can make a huge difference between a fast and smooth sale or waiting months and having to lower the price. Before a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent puts your home on the market, they do a complete analysis to determine a fair price. They use real sales data and take into account all the features that make your house special to price it right so you can move on.  Curious about how much your home is worth? Contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent to get started.

“Submitting an offer and waiving the home inspection is the way to go.”

It’s understandable buyers are doing everything they can to ensure their offer stands out above the rest, however, passing on a home inspection could cause HUGE problems down the road. Remember, the purpose of a home inspection is to give you a detailed report of big and small issues on the home you are about to move into. Waiving a home inspection could benefit you in the short term, but could cause big headaches that could have been prevented.

“I don’t need a real estate agent to help me buy or sell a home.”

There are lots of things that are better when you DIY! Bedazzled birthday cakes, colorful planters and crocheted dog leashes just make life more fun. However, when it comes to buying or selling one of your biggest assets, a trusted Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent can make the process easier and more profitable. There are several important steps between first walk through and getting to the closing table. While you get excited about the big move, your agent is busy negotiating with vendors, scheduling required inspections and keeping you moving to closing day! 

Contact a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent today and learn more myths and truths when it comes to buying or selling a home!