Take a short cruise down a tree-lined street in historic Dilworth and you can tell this neighborhood exudes style, class and a pitch-perfect sense of Southern hospitality. From local shops to eclectic dining spots and interesting people, one of the Queen City’s oldest neighborhoods has mastered the art of showcasing cool trends while maintaining a contagious charm.

We caught up with Sarah Martin, who works with Dilworth buyers and sellers, and asked what top interior and exterior trends are rising to the top this season in this one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

Opposites attract

Address: 2305 Springdale Avenue
Status: Available
List Price: $1,125,000
Sarah’s takeaway trend:
“A trend that I’m seeing more and more of (and loving!) is the blend of two or more styles, aesthetics or genres within one home. At this beautiful home, the couple brings their unique tastes and likes to the table: he leans more towards natural beauty from the west and outdoors and she has an affinity for a more Victorian, European and refined style. Blended together in one room, and even on one decorative hallway table, leaves the space feeling layered, textured and deeply personal.”

Light and airy

Address: 2143 Cumberland Avenue
Status: Under Contract
List Price: $950,000
Sarah’s takeaway trend: “The abundant light gives life to the plants that have been so lovingly brought in to their home and cared for over the years. Varying shades of green from the plants, flowers and trees give this space a warm, natural and peaceful feel. They have paired their furnishings with natural beauty to give a west coast/California vibe. This home has a way of making you stop and take a deep breath upon entry. To achieve that within the hustle and bustle of a thriving in-town neighborhood is a success in my books.”

Return of wallpaper and rich colors

Address: 608 E Tremont Avenue
Sarah’s takeaway trend: “In this Dilworth bungalow, the owners chose a rich navy to offset the white walls throughout the rest of the home. White and gray walls are popular right now for their supreme neutrality and clean feel. Gone are the red or golden dining rooms of the traditional south and navy, emerald green and high end, designer wall papers are showing up in dining rooms and kitchens.

Antique and shabby chic

Address: 624 Worthington Avenue
Sarah’s takeaway trend: The homeowner at this Historic Bungalow on Worthington Ave. in Dilworth loves to carry on the legacy of her family (especially her grandmother) so she incorporated antique pieces from the past with shabby chic furnishings from now. She also has a special knack for finding old pieces at antique stores and flea markets that can be repurposed. The white walls, white trim, yellow accents and natural light, the reclaimed and antique furniture and accessories are gorgeous accents to the space; they don’t drag it back in time or pull down the energy of the space. A beautiful blend of old and new without even a hint of being dated.

Plus a bonus! Personalized wallpaper

Address: 1805 Chatham Avenue
Sarah’s takeaway trend: In a new construction home in Midwood, these homeowners have chosen to highlight one of their favorite artists by putting up wallpaper of her art. Elizabeth Grabber is an artist in DC and best known for her large murals. The homeowner loves her work and decided to splurge on her hand-painted wallpaper. It’s the best of both worlds: getting to see gorgeous, original artwork without a huge frame that may feel to bulky for a wall to really “cover” it. With wallpaper, you can make a big impact in a small space by using even just one wall.

Spruce up your home this summer with these great ideas or give Sarah Martin a call —i she loves talking design trends. And when you are ready to make Dilworth your home address, she has some fab Dilworth homes to show you.