Savvy + Co. Real Estate was created in 2007 by Shonn Ross and Lexie Longstreet, later joined by Victor Ahdieh. With over 40 years combined real estate experience in the Charlotte area, Shonn and Lexie sought to create a company that continued their desire for true grassroots client care. Savvy + Co. is a fresh, forward-thinking real estate firm. We take pride in our knowledge of Charlotte and its unique communities.

Our professional group of brokers, a stellar support staff, and a desire to stay head of the technology curve set Savvy + Co. apart.

Victor Ahdieh
Victor AhdiehBroker, REALTOR®
Jessica Banks
Jessica BanksBroker, REALTOR®
Jason Bridges
Jason BridgesBroker, REALTOR®
Dana P. Burleson
Dana P. BurlesonBroker, REALTOR®
Sherry Carter
Sherry CarterBroker, REALTOR®
Melissa Christiansen
Melissa ChristiansenBroker, REALTOR®
Heather Claxton
Heather ClaxtonBroker, REALTOR®
Julie Coffey
Julie CoffeyBroker, REALTOR®
Deborah Cox
Deborah CoxBroker, REALTOR®
Pat Deely & Lana Laws
Pat Deely & Lana LawsBroker, REALTOR®
Amy Dupree-Stroupe
Amy Dupree-StroupeBroker, REALTOR®
Beverley Fasth
Beverley FasthBroker, REALTOR®
Mike Feehley
Mike FeehleyBroker, REALTOR®
Scott Franklin
Scott FranklinBroker-In-Charge
Mike Gibbons
Mike GibbonsBroker, REALTOR®
Rhonda Gibbons
Rhonda GibbonsBroker, REALTOR®
Sandra Godley
Sandra GodleyBroker, REALTOR®
Lian Gregory
Lian GregoryClient Care Specialist
Norma Hanson
Norma HansonBroker, REALTOR®
Les Harrell
Les HarrellBroker, REALTOR®
Lynn Johnson
Lynn JohnsonBroker, REALTOR®
Louise Jonas
Louise JonasBroker, REALTOR®
Jeff King
Jeff KingBroker, REALTOR®
Kelly King
Kelly KingBroker, REALTOR®
Chris Linscheid
Chris LinscheidBroker, REALTOR®
Lexie Longstreet
Lexie LongstreetBroker, REALTOR®
Shannon Lynch
Shannon LynchBroker, REALTOR®
Charles Major
Charles MajorBroker, REALTOR®
Sarah Martin
Sarah MartinBroker, REALTOR®
Matthew Means
Matthew MeansBroker, REALTOR®
Jennifer Monroe
Jennifer MonroeBroker, REALTOR®
Perrin Morse
Perrin MorseBroker, REALTOR®
Eileen Nelis
Eileen NelisBroker, REALTOR®
Shonda Newsome
Shonda NewsomeBroker, REALTOR®
Kim Parati
Kim ParatiBroker, REALTOR®
Kim Pfleeger
Kim PfleegerBroker, REALTOR®
Janelle Rayford
Janelle RayfordBroker, REALTOR®
Alyssa Roccanti
Alyssa RoccantiBroker, REALTOR®
Shonn Ross
Shonn RossBroker, REALTOR®
Kristen Shinault
Kristen ShinaultBroker, REALTOR®
Charisma Smith
Charisma SmithBroker, REALTOR®
Josh Starnes
Josh StarnesBroker, REALTOR®
Julie Tambussi
Julie TambussiDirector of Marketing
Nalee Thao
Nalee ThaoGraphic Designer
Stephanie Therrell
Stephanie TherrellBroker, REALTOR®
Courtney Thomas
Courtney ThomasBroker-in-Charge, REALTOR®
Joanie Thomas
Joanie ThomasAccounting
Stevie Thomas
Stevie ThomasMarketing Manager
Amy Tritt
Amy TrittOperations Manager
Susan Wright
Susan WrightBroker, REALTOR®