In this hot market, cooler weather does not mean a slow down in Charlotte area real estate. With amazing interest rates and low inventory (not as many available homes to sell), you have all the ingredients needed for a superior winter selling season.

In fact, this is one of the most wonderful times of the year to sell your home. Grab a cup of cheer and call a Savvy + Co. Real Estate professional who will walk you through the selling process and get your home on the market and ready for eager buyers. They can also tell you what your home is worth so you can explore all the options and assist in finding your next cool abode.

Below are just a few reasons why placing a Savvy + Co. “For Sale” sign in your yard in 2021 could mean a very happy 2022!


Serious Buyers
Buyers who are looking to purchase a home in the latter months of the year are prepared to make an offer, pack their bags and move in! Often these buyers are in a time crunch and want to be unpacked and settled before school resumes or the new job begins. Don’t miss these motivated buyers ready to pay top dollar to start the year off right.

Low Interest Rates
Interest rates are at an all time low! Buyers are taking advantage of this and want to move up and move out. Low rates mean more available funds to make an offer on your home and added flexibility so you can sell on your terms.


Mo Money
Speaking of money, for some buyers the end of the year means bonuses, raises, payouts and other monetary incentives from employers. More green stuff translates into quick house hunting and purchasing!

Mo Time
The holidays provide extra time for buyers to view your home and make a decision quickly. This time of year there’s often no need to wait for weekends or evenings to get down to business, those in the market want to walk through available homes today and put in an offer ASAP!

Holiday Decorations
Between lights, wreaths, tinsel, trees and other beautiful decorations, your home is already dressed up and ready to show! Your favorite holiday wares can highlight your fab pad and all the great entertainment areas and fun places to bring family and friends together all year long.

Less Upkeep
While curb appeal is important, the colder months mean you don’t need to sweat it out keeping the yard cut or plants watered. A Savvy agent can review step-by-step how to make your home shine with minimal effort and attract ready buyers.

Want to know more reasons why this is the best time of the year to sell? Contact a jolly Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent today and get ready for a wonderful 2022.