Want to celebrate the season with friends and family while maintaining distance? This list has you covered! Here are a few ideas on how to stay safe while enjoying the best part of cooler sweater weather. With a little imagination and planning, you and the crew can welcome the season right.

Pumpkin Carving. Go basic with a toothy smile or use a stencil and create a masterpiece. Ask friends to bring a pumpkin and tools and celebrate the season with an afternoon of pumpkin carving. Space out tables in the backyard or deck and see who can turn a gourd into a work of art. Make it a contest (don’t forget the prizes!) and ask participants to pick their favorite!


Marshmallow Roast. Cool nights call for sweet treats! Put together individual roasting kits with marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and other goodies and let guests fire up yummy creations! Find roasting sticks online or go hunting for the perfect puff holder. Let families roast one at a time or set out a few fire pits where friends and family can warm up and dig in. 


Take the Game Outside. Make nature your living room when you bring the TV or computer outside and set up a sheet or large screen to watch the big game. Dine on boxed treats while you root your favorite team to victory. Arrange chairs and tables around the yard and enjoy a day with friends in the sunshine.

Porch Potluck. Cooler weather begs for hearty soups and ooey gooey treats! Plan a progressive porch party and ask neighbors to provide fun food fare on porches or decks. Travel from stop to stop munching on delicious food and connecting with friends under the autumn sky. Have guests pick a number to see where to start first!

Outdoor Fun. Head to the park, street or greenspace for some friendly competition and fresh air. Ask competitors to bring a picnic and spend the day throwing the football, playing bocce ball or tossing the frisbee. If you are feeling more adventurous, organize a group hike. Take different trails to allow for spacing then send group pictures at the end of the day for optimal oohs and ahhs. 

This is your season. Time to own it!