Helpful tidbits for getting your home show ready!

Take your dog for a walk, hire a dog-walker, send Fido to daycare for the day, or find a friend where you could drop him/her off for an hour or so.  While your buyers may be pet friendly, there is always a chance that they are allergic, they may not like animals, or are even afraid of your pet.  So it’s best to have your home pet free for all showings.  If you aren’t able to have your pet out of the home, make sure to have them either in a crate, or secured in a specific space.  Have your realtor make notes of this in your showing instructions as well, so that there are no surprises.

Do a good “down to the bone” deep cleaning.  Before your house goes on the market, make sure that it gets a huge deep cleaning, behind all furniture, all closets, under all beds, etc.  You may even want to hire a professional cleaning service to come in and give it a good once-over.  Pet hair/dust seems to find its way very easily into inconspicuous spots that we may not notice at first glance.  But a good deep cleaning, makes all the difference in making the home feel and smell a lot fresher.

Have a quick pre-showing clean-up routine.  After your house is cleaned “to the bone,” it’s much easier to tidy up in a hurry. Some tips are a quick swiffer for hardwoods, or vaccum job for carpet.  Keep a blanket on any/all furniture that your pet may cuddle up on. That way, it’s easily thrown in the washing machine, right before you have a showing.  It will do wonders eliminating pet fur as well as odors from your home. De-nose your windows!  We know how dogs love to stare out a front window or door to see which squirrels or birds are about for the day.  But, no buyer will think those cute little dog smudges are as cute as you do. Grab a quick spray of windex, and smudges are squeaky clean!

De-clutter.  Find a quick spot for all of your pet friendly items.  Dog bowls, toys, bones, should have a quick hiding spot for showings.  Try a bin in a pantry for example.

Curb your pet! You never get a second chance to make a first impression!   Curb appeal is hugely important to buyers, so lets make sure that all outside areas of your home are pet free as well.  From your front yard, your back yard, your courtyard, etc.  Make sure your puppy’s playground shows no signs of pets. Pay attention and remove all sticks, toys and ALL OTHER debris that may be present.Following just these quick tips should have your home winning “First in Show” and have buyers begging to move in!Read more: