Recently, ranked Ballantyne East and West neighborhoods in the top five places to live in Charlotte and the top 10 places to live in North Carolina.

Savvy + Co. has seen the evolution and growth of Ballantyne over the last 20 years. Agent Alec Diaz not only works with many clients interested in buying in this sought-after enclave, but he also grew up in Ballantyne.

We asked Alec about his experience growing up in Ballantyne and his perspective on the growth of the area.

Tell us about your experience growing up in Ballantyne:

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but my family moved to Ballantyne when I was about two years old.

I am thankful to have grown up in Ballantyne. There were always community events to attend, and it has great neighborhoods, great schools, awesome neighbors, and athletic club teams to join.

My favorite memory of growing up in Ballantyne was getting our first family dog, Max. Ballantyne is known for its walkability, and one day my mom and I were walking back home from Target when this little Shih Tzu followed us. We took him in and continued looking for his owners. Then, one day while we were walking the dog, a man pulled over and shouted, “Max!” It turned out this man was his owner. We were scared he would ask for him back, but he let us keep him. He said his kids were grown up, and Max deserved to be in a home with a family. So, if not for the walkability and good neighbors in Ballantyne, we wouldn’t have found our Max.

Tell us about the growth and development that you have witnessed in Ballantyne?

I did not expect Ballantyne to grow as it has, especially at the rate that it has been.

With the influx of businesses and people moving to Charlotte, Ballantyne has become a destination for both. The growth and development of Ballantyne is largely centered around the Ballantyne Corporate Park. Businesses are opening or moving here due to the cost and quality of life. New home developments seem to be popping up on every street, along with new businesses and small shopping centers.

One of the biggest things is the growth of student populations, especially at the local high school – Ardrey Kell. The student population is about 3,400 and is busting at the seams. Recently plans were announced for a new high school to be built to relieve Ardrey Kell, and accommodate the high student population growth.

With so much growth is there a new development that you are excited for?

I am most excited about the Ballantyne Reimagined mixed-use development. Yes, there are plenty of shopping centers in Ballantyne, but this one is different and will bring a city feel to the area. Ballantyne Reimagined will include shops, restaurants, apartments, a 6-acre park, an amphitheater and many more features.

Ballantyne Reimagined will give anyone, from kids to young adults to families, something to do. One of the most exciting features of this development is The Bowel, which will be the hot spot for food, entertainment, and shopping. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery will be expanding into Ballantyne and will be the first brewery in the area.

Why should people consider Ballantyne when moving to Charlotte?

Ballantyne has great public schools, the convenience of shopping and dining, and the proximity to the city. Ballantyne is about 20-25 minutes from Uptown and trendy neighborhoods like South End. It also borders South Carolina, so it’s easy to take a day trip and explore other towns and communities.

On the flip side, people should also consider the influx of people that are currently moving to Ballantyne, which is increasing the traffic congestion seen at the peak hours (7:30-8:30 a.m. and 5 – 6 p.m.)

There is truly something for all ages to do in Ballantyne. Whether you are a young adult looking to buy your first home or a family looking for a home to raise your children, finding an activity to do or a place to eat will never be an issue.