Why selling a home in November-January is a good financial decision

We’d all be millionaires if, as realtors, we were able to pinpoint the best time to sell a house. The common misconception that only spring is the time to make cash on your house is completely untrue.  Timing is certainly crucial, but the decision to sell your house must also be derived from a number of other factors such as locality, neighborhood, financial instability, and the current real estate trends.  All of these conditions will impact your home sale which is why all of these must be considered.

Here is our list of reasons as to why November-January is the best period to open your house to buyers in Charlotte, NC.

Fewer sellers – Standing out from the crowd

Not many sellers consider it worth their time to try and sell houses in the winter.  Well, their loss is your gain.  “What does this mean for me?”, you ask.  Greater visibility, lower competition, and more potential buyers.  The pool of buyers is growing non-stop for Charlotte which has consistently been in the TOP THREE fastest growing cities since 2008.

Serious buyers don’t have much time to choose from an array of houses, especially during the holiday season, which means they are more likely to convert into actual buyers.

More Motivation – Buyers prior losses are your gain

All those motivated buyers who have been waiting to make a purchase but weren’t able to get a deal in the busy seasons for some reason, with a hope for better later, are your true target.  They have waited long enough; if your house is available to them in this holiday season, they are more likely to consider offering close to your listing prices.

Year-end tax breaks – Prices are climbing, buying now is a solid strategy

This is the season to lure in more buyers who are in search for tax benefits.  More buyers willingly snatch up any fairly priced offers to sell during the fall-winter period to save on home purchase costs.

The hesitation to market homes between Halloween and Christmas, thinking it’s an off-peak season, is nothing more than an outdated historical trend. The best part is, more sellers are acknowledging that now.  This ultimately means you are in to make some good cash if you are planning to sell this winter season.

If you’re thinking of selling your Charlotte home in 2016, give me a call.

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