Jared Martin and Les Harrell

Jared Martin and Les Harrell

“Les made the home buying and closing process very easy, almost effortless for me. He kept me fully informed, and it was comforting to know that Les would be there to navigate any unforeseen issues. He made sure that I secured my dream home, and I’m very grateful.” ~ Jared Martin

What does providing exceptional customer service really mean? To a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent it means making the process of buying or selling a home easy, enjoyable and positive. It means providing new homebuyer education courses, working with the most caring and knowledgeable agents in the industry and continuing to go above and beyond for each and every client no matter the market conditions.

It means forming trusting and transparent relationships when working with clients when the hunt for the perfect home may span weeks, months, or even years in this case. First-time homebuyer, Jared Martin turned to his friend and Savvy + Co. agent Les Harrell to help him find a home for not only him, but for his baby grand piano.

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Time to make a move

Jared Martin moved to Charlotte six years ago and rented a one-bedroom unit at The Avenue located in Uptown.

“I fell in love with the city and quickly decided that I wanted to establish roots here and eventually buy my first home,” said Jared.

Jared and Savvy + Co. agent Les Harrell were friends for years, and Les scheduled an informational meeting to discuss the Charlotte home buying market and what to expect during the buying process.

“Les assured me that he would guide me through the process and that I would only buy when we found the perfect place and when it was the right time for me. I appreciated his knowledge, patience, professionalism, and good humor, so I chose him as my agent.”

The Poplar

The hunt begins

Jared wanted to live near the city in a two-bedroom condo with enough room for his baby grand piano. He wasn’t in a rush and wanted to take his time until the right home came along. 

Knowing that there was not a sense of urgency, Les and Jared spent the next few years looking at various condos in different areas of the city.

“Over three years, we probably looked at a minimum of 20 different homes in different neighborhoods around Charlotte,” said Jared. “Les always made the showings fun and was very patient. We learned from each showing what areas I liked and what I wanted in a home.”

The one

After viewing nearly 30 condos over an almost five-year span, Jared immediately knew that the 1927 building nestled in beautiful Fourth Ward in Uptown was his home.

The second-floor two-bedroom light-filled condo at The Poplar was not originally on their radar or listed on MLS. The historic elements, location, and space for the baby grand piano made it perfect for Jared.

“With this unit, everything just came together,” said Les. “The unit in both space and design rivals any Park Avenue home in sophistication and glamour. I placed a time restriction on a response from the sellers after we made a reasonable and fair offer, and they accepted.”

Jared purchased the unit in 2020, and the closing date was scheduled as rumors of COVID restrictions and quarantine swirled. Les used his connections in the moving industry, and Jared moved in the day before the restrictions were announced.

“Though it was a long journey, Les always made the home search fun,” said Jared.