“My sales in my first 12 months at Savvy + Co. increased by 88% compared to the previous 12 month period when I was at another firm.” – Les Harrell

Why Savvy + Co. Real Estate

At Savvy + Co. we believe that our unique customer service philosophy of “Smart Real Estate, Nice People” can help take our agents’ careers to the next level. Our collaborative atmosphere, agent camaraderie, unparalleled marketing support, and commitment to education and technology help our agents succeed in the real estate industry.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Les Harrell has to say about why he chose Savvy + Co. Real Estate.

Where to Start

“Originally from the historic town of Tarboro, NC, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree and a minor in Macroeconomics. I would eventually receive my MBA from East Carolina University (summa cum laude) and an Advanced Degree in Leadership from the University of Southern California. I had a life plan: Graduate school, family (I have three beautiful daughters), and have a six-figure income by the time I was 30.

My career path progressed at an irrational speed and I retired at 47… and then I immediately went back to work. I received my North Carolina Real Estate license in 2015 and my South Carolina license in 2016.

In early 2008, I bought my first home in Plaza Midwood, and Savvy + Co. agent Shonn Ross was the listing agent. Although I went to another firm after getting my license, I still stayed in touch with Shonn and still followed the growth of Savvy + Co.”

Where to Find Support

“When I was with my other firm, my first sale, where I represented the buyers, was a house in Madison Park where Savvy agent Jennifer Monroe represented the seller. Even though it was my first sale, Jennifer recognized something about my style and how it could be a match with the Savvy + Co. Real Estate culture.

Over the next two years, I grew my business and continued to watch Savvy + Co. grow in market share. When the time was right, I brought my book of business and my incredible team to Savvy.“

The support I receive at Savvy + Co. is mind-blowing. To have the ownership team, my mentor, and a top-notch agent advocate is empowering. There are coaching and professional guidance opportunities. Another reason why I finally made my long-planned, deliberate move up to Savvy was the full-time professional marketing staff. Our listing presentations are top-notch. The support and oversight of the marketing staff are invaluable.”

Where to Succeed

“Not only am I excited to be apart of Savvy + Co., but so is my VP of Client Happiness, and the face of my business, Bruiser. My dog Bruiser is a complete joy and brings in clients at twice the rate I do. He meets every client and attends most Savvy staff meetings. He and I are both having a ball.

I’m having fun while growing my business year over year. I love what I do. There is no cooler work environment in Charlotte.”

Bruiser the great dane in a garage full of Savvy yard signs wearing a blue bandana and sitting with an Oops Too Late brown Savvy sign bubble
Les Harrell wearing khaki pants a white button down and tartan vest standing with his Great Dane Bruiser

Les and his VP of Client Happiness, Bruiser

Want to Get Savvy?

We are taking a fresh approach and are looking for agents that want to move their business forward with new technology. Fill out our contact form on our Careers page, and let us know a little bit about yourself. We’ll be in touch soon!