“When I joined Savvy + Co., there was an immediate shift in my career. My sales increased immediately, my conversion rate on listing appointments jumped dramatically, and I started really growing as an agent. It was refreshing and it was everything I had been looking for.” – Kelly King

Why Savvy + Co. Real Estate

At Savvy + Co. we believe that our unique customer service philosophy of “Smart Real Estate, Nice People” can help take our agents’ careers to the next level. Our collaborative atmosphere, agent camaraderie, unparalleled marketing support, and commitment to education and technology helps our agents succeed in the real estate industry.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Kelly King has to say about why he chose Savvy + Co. Real Estate.

Where to Start

“After a long, successful career in banking, I knew I needed a change and a new challenge. Through living in Charlotte and my business dealings, I had many connections throughout the Charlotte community. As a Queen City native, I knew that I could offer a unique perspective on our local market. After careful thought and much consideration (and following in my grandfather’s footsteps), I decided that real estate would be a natural fit. My experiences with planning, finances, credit, negotiating and customer service could easily translate into strengths for assisting with real estate transactions. In April 2016, I received my license and haven’t looked back since.

My first interaction with Savvy + Co. Real Estate was when I needed to sell my home! I followed Savvy online and always loved looking at the photos of their listings. I contacted Shonn Ross and Courtney Thomas to sell my mid-century home in Cotswold. They were excellent – savvy real estate agents and skilled negotiators – and sold my house quickly for a high price.

I wanted to join Savvy + Co. Real Estate as soon as I became licensed in 2016, but at the time they weren’t accepting provisional brokers (this is no longer the case). I joined another firm but remained in contact with Courtney. When she became Savvy + Co.’s Broker-in-Charge, I reached out to her to inquire about opportunities and quickly decided to join the brokerage in December of 2017.”

Where to Find Support

“Savvy + Co. Real Estate offers classes almost every week on a variety of topics to assist our agents in growing our expertise and expanding our resources to problem-solve for our clients. The Savvy + Co. Marketing Team is the best you’ll find. They create and print in-house presentations, prepare our listing packets for open houses and showing appointments, manage our weekly Savvy eNewsletter, and work with us one-on-one to create custom, branded material to market ourselves to our prospective clients (in print and social media). They also work with our Operations Manager, Amy Tritt, to organize social events that individual agents create for their clients.

Savvy + Co. has created a home base where I have all of the support I need and support I didn’t even know I needed before joining the team. I love the mentorship, camaraderie, and partnership I find every day at the office. Every bit as important to me, I feel that I joined a family. A family of well trained, seasoned, really nice people going above and beyond for their clients every day. Who doesn’t want that?”

Where to Succeed

“Savvy + Co. Real Estate has not only given me the tools needed to be a successful agent, but they have also allowed me to pass on my knowledge to other agents. I am the President of our Agent Advisory Committee, and I am one of the mentors assisting our provisional brokers through our New Agent Mentoring Program.

In addition to my roles at Savvy + Co., I am a…

  • Member of the Queens University Alumni Board
  • “Rising Star in Real Estate” by Charlotte Real Producers Magazine in September 2019
  • Member of the Charlotte Museum of History Board
  • Sponsor of the Hilly Chantilly 5K

“Savvy + Co. Real Estate is more than just a name and a brand. We are where agents go to get their start, to find the support they need to grow, and where they can succeed. You don’t have to do this alone.”

Want to Get Savvy?

We are taking a fresh approach and are looking for agents that want to move their business forward with new technology. Fill out our contact form on our Careers page, and let us know a little bit about yourself. We’ll be in touch soon!

Kelly King holding up blue Get Savvy pin