Barbara Bradner


I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where I attended an American School, attempted an equestrian show jumping career, and graduated with a bachelor’s in architecture. At the end of 2019, I had the life changing opportunity to move to Charlotte. Though both cities are completely different, the Queen City was bound to steal my heart away at first sight. There’s just something about that meticulously designed skyline silhouette paired up with cotton candy skies and the ideal weather that sets the perfect scene.

The choice of pursuing a career in real estate was an easy one. I come from a background in Interior Design and Architecture, appreciation for beautiful, functional and smart design is all I have ever known. As if providing a well thought out living space decor or drafting a home that is tailored to the client wasn’t enough, I wanted to take on the challenge of finding them the whole package deal. With my previous knowledge, I will be able to help others translate their wants, needs, and lifestyles into the exact vision of what they would be looking for if it were a home. Because attention to detail, carefully curated design, tasteful architecture are my love languages, I will use that to my advantage in order to seek out the best fit.

As for my free time, I love spending it pursuing a few passions of mine. Travel, one of my favorite things about Charlotte is how close we are to the mountains, scenic routes, mountain towns and sightseeing are what I live for. Coffee, you can find me at a local coffee shop planning my day, organizing my thoughts, or catching up with friends. Food, I try to find new places to dine at on a weekly basis, if the restaurant is nicely designed, offering the best sensorial experience, it gets major brownie points. Horses, an essential part of my life, you can find me at the stables, at the paddock, in a field or on a trail, regardless of where it is, it’s always next to a gentle giant.