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No one has to tell you real estate is tough business. Scott Franklin, broker-in-charge of Savvy + Co. Real Estate, knows how difficult it is to build a business form the ground up and is out to help new agents fulfill their dream of making real estate a full-time career.

Franklin leads a six-month New Agent Mentoring Program for real estate newbies who have their provisional real estate license or have been in the business for less than a year. “I see way too many new licensees hang their license with large corporations, only to quickly find themselves at a loss,” says Franklin. “By the time they finally get a sale, they may be running out of money.”

C5 talked to Franklin about the program and the strategies he uses to help new agents fulfill their dreams of becoming successful real estate agents.

Consistency is key

In the Savvy + Co. Real Estate New Agent Mentoring Program, Franklin meets each week with new agents individually to discuss challenges and strategies and brainstorm new ideas. He stresses the importance of developing personal and professional goals. This one-on-one sit-down time means new agents get a lot of attention and support—two things that can make a huge difference when first starting out.

Gather a group of peers

The new agent program is limited to a small class size of five or six agents. They meet twice a week for classes and discussion and become a great support system for each other. The program is offered every six months, so give Savvy + Co. Real Estate a call when you are ready to elevate your career.

Find the right training

All the knowledge in the world is wasted if no one is there to teach you HOW to do it. Through regular classes and sales meetings, new Savvy + Co. agents learn how to promote themselves, find leads, work with buyers and sellers with confidence and process important paperwork. “They receive direct help from me in the writing of their first agency agreement contract, closing documents and more,” adds Franklin.

Learn the technology you need

Savvy’s mentoring program includes training on the specific services and technology needed to help maximize productivity. Part of the program is equipping new agents with all the information they need to be helpful to buyers and sellers.

Work together

Although real estate is a competitive business, Franklin encourages a collaborative environment where people look out for each other’s success and well-being. During the mentor program, new agents are invited to host Open House events for listing agents. This gives them experience, the opportunity to find leads and invites them to create their own style and way of doing things. In the process, they get to know top producing agents at Savvy + Co. and learn from them.

If you are ready for a real estate career that has your back all the way, contact Savvy + Co. Real Estate to find out if the New Agent Mentoring Program is a good fit for you. New classes are forming throughout the year, contact Savvy + Co. for more information.