If quality time indoors has you thinking it is time for a home of your own, make plans to virtually attend a First Time Home Buyer seminar April 27-May 1, presented by the pros at Savvy + Co. Real Estate. This helpful (and easy) opportunity to learn what to expect during the home buying process will help you go from thinking about your dream abode to walking through the front door! 

First-Time Home Buyer Week

Monday, April 27 at 5 pm – “Home Buying 101: Part 1”
Hosted by: Erum Faruqui
The basics of how to go from looking to owning. 

Tuesday, April 28 at 5 pm – “Home Buying 101: Part 2”
Hosted by: Susan Hill
Learn what happens from signed contract to closing. 

Wednesday, April 29 at 5 pm – “The Lowdown on Down Payments”
Hosted by: Lara Bucci
So, how much money is it going to take? Find out.

Thursday, April 30 at 5 pm – “Q&A with a Home Buyer”
Hosted by: Tiffany Hahne
Get the skinny from clients who are currently in the home buying process. 

Friday, May 1 at 5 pm – “Buying New Construction vs. Resale”
Hosted by: Jess Flinn
Learn the pros and cons of newly built and existing homes from a construction expert.

Below are four reasons why this First Time Home Buyer webinar is definitely for you.

Better than an online workout

Just like your favorite beach body workout, this first-time buyer information is all online and super easy to join. Unlike crunches and leg work, it won’t leave you sore in the morning. Join some of Savvy’s top agents for five Zoom webinars April 27 through May 1. Mark your calendar for all five sessions, or join in when you can! You are guaranteed to learn something.

Turn your ogling into buying

There’s no better way to pass a few ho-hum hours than by touring your next new home. These sessions will show you how to go from looking to making it happen! Topics include how to work with real estate agents, the down-low on down payments, how much money you really need, the pros and cons of new construction versus existing homes and what you can do to get ready today!

Ultra casual environment

Pajamas? Onesie? Yoga ensemble? Evening wear? Come and click as you are in this comfortable, no-pressure environment that will make you the resident KIT of first time home buying. Get your questions ready and send them in chat. If after the webinar you are raring to go –  get in touch with a Savvy + Co. agent who will personally take you through the process step by step.

Make downtime your “do” time

Why not use this time to work on getting your ducks in a row (socially distanced, six feet apart) and prepare to buy a home IRL? There’s a lot you can do from the comfort of your couch to get ready to move to your new home when the time is right.

Take the first step towards a home of your own starting April 27! With these easy online sessions, you owe it to yourself to make your home buying dreams come true. Register on our website at www.FirstTimeHomeBuyerWeek.com.