The last box is coming off the truck, the cable TV and alarm guys arrive on time (we wish) and the kids are down the street meeting everybody under four foot! But what about you?

It’s not like it used to be where every neighbor on the street dropped by with goodies and to say hello. And even if they do in the fog of moving day exhaustion and excitment it’s hard to remember who’s who and where they live. And you know the kids won’t get it right!We came up with a nice little solution it’s called Another Savvy Buyer! After helping so many homebuyers over the years both in town and relocating to Charlotte we’ve found they all have one thing in common. They want to feel connected to their new place and meet the neighbors. Too often these days you settle in and before you know it you’re “old news” which makes it even harder to make connections.

Another Savvy Buyer is a simple idea…after you move in we place a Savvy sign in your yard with the Another Savvy Buyer bubble and an information box that holds…you guessed it info flyers about YOU! You can choose to share as little or as much** as you like about you, your family and of course the dog’s name! **if you prefer we don’t have to do flyers at all. 

We hope you like this idea it’s another way we’re bringing a smile back to real estate!

Homebuyer welcome to the neighborhood

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