It doesn’t take long to figure out that Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Susan Hill is passionate about her job! Her mother was an agent in South Florida where Susan grew up – so you could say the seed was planted early. She watched her mom form close relationships with clients and knew that was something she wanted to do. After moving to North Carolina with a degree in business marketing and minor in communications, her next step was real estate! 

Throughout the years, she has made a name for herself with buyers and sellers and been honored with the Rising Stars in Real Estate Award from The Charlotte Observer. “Whether it’s researching the latest comps, showing new buyers around Charlotte, taking clients through the process or smoothing out nerves and concerns, I truly enjoy it all. I feel honored to be doing what I do,” says Susan.

She says a knowledgeable agent and talented photographer are key to getting top dollar for your listing. “The thing that gets buyers into your home is online photos,” she says. “I know what buyers are looking for and how to stage each shot so my clients come out of the gate really strong on listing day.”

Here’s more of what Susan had to say about buyers and sellers, negotiations and the importance of interviewing multiple agents.

Savvy: What do you enjoy most about working with buyers?
Susan: So often buyers might have a specific location in mind, but realize some neighborhoods may be out of their budget. Then we’re able to find a home they absolutely love at a price they can afford – it’s exciting! I also enjoy explaining the ins and outs of the Charlotte market and being upfront about what they can expect – like being ready to make an offer quickly for example. 

Susan’s Happy Homebuyers

Savvy: What are your favorite aspects of working with sellers?
Susan: I enjoy the pre-listing phase and taking some of the stress off clients by working with contractors and landscapers and making sure the home is in tip-top shape. It’s also really fun to present sellers with an offer, or even multiple offers. I once had a seller who was in a multiple offer situation and the winning bid wrote a letter and sent a family photo. My sellers actually wrote a letter back! I had never seen that before, but everyone loved it!

Savvy: What have you learned from your clients over the years?
Susan: I’ve learned there’s no “one size fits all” approach when working with buyers or sellers – no matter how long you’ve been in the business. Some clients require extra explanation to feel comfortable moving forward. Others have bought and sold properties multiple times and want a straight-forward “get it done” relationship. I always strive to meet my buyers and sellers where they are. 

Savvy: How do you take clients through the often difficult negotiation process?
Susan: I try to set the tone from the get-go with my clients as well as the agent on the other side of the transaction. I have some great working relationships with real estate professionals in Charlotte, and that definitely makes for a smoother transaction. 

If tensions start running high, I filter unnecessary information that’s not pertinent to my clients. I’ve been doing this long enough to know when someone is under pressure in a negotiation situation, they tend to say or do things they don’t really mean. I let it go and keep my clients focused on getting to the closing table. 

Savvy: With a few months of 2020 behind us, what challenges are ahead for buyers?
Susan: In short: low inventory! While nobody can predict the future, we’ve already had a record January and the spring market is in high gear. The Charlotte market doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Savvy: With low inventory and other challenges, what advice do you have for buyers?
Susan: It may feel scary and quick, but if you find something you like, be ready to pull the trigger and write an offer! Work with an agent you trust who knows the area. Most importantly, make sure your real estate agent has strategies for helping you WIN a multiple offer situation. A great agent can help calm nerves too! 

Savvy: What about challenges for sellers?
Susan: Sellers may think that because inventory is low, they can hike up the price of their home by thousands of dollars, but that can backfire. If not priced correctly, a home will sit, then you might have to drop the price, and by that time strong buyer interest has dwindled. Even if buyers are in a desperate situation, nobody wants to overpay for a home. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a killer price on your home, but talking with your agent and pricing it wisely from the get-go will make the process a lot easier.

Susan and her dog, Gemma

Savvy: What advice do you have for sellers?
Susan: Take time to interview multiple agents and find one you trust to work hard on your behalf and present your home in the best light possible. Whenever I meet sellers, I assume I’m one of a few agents they’re interviewing and I think that is very wise. Select an agent who has a proven record and you click with – you’ll be spending a lot of quality time together in the next several months!

Susan Hill is a real estate agent with Savvy + Co. Real Estate who is enthusiastic about helping others, delivering real results and creating an enjoyable experience throughout the entire home buying and selling process. If you’re thinking of making a move, contact her today to get started! Also, you can follow Susan’s latest real estate adventures on Instagram at @susan_eliz.