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Buying a house can fill even the coolest cat with anxiety. Beyond finding the house of your dreams and getting your offer accepted is the all-important inspection. While this critical step helps protect the buyer and seller, it can leave even the smartest bike-wheeling ghost catchers with lots of questions such as:

When do I do the inspection? How do you know they will find everything wrong with the house? Is it really necessary to spend $450 to get a home inspection? Can’t I just get some of my friends to take a good look around? 

You don’t need to channel your super secret lab-created mind powers to ensure all is good to go with your new abode, just find a qualified inspector to check out all the things that could go bump (or worse) in the night.

Savvy + Co. Real Estate called in its own favorite Ghost Buster and inspector extraordinaire Adam Frers with BPG Inspection. He ventures inside a home to show you what lies beneath the floorboards (hopefully not Demogorgon) and offer insight into what happens during an inspection.

Click on the video below…. if you dare. (No, really, you should click on this very insightful video to help you shine through your next home purchase).