Take house hunting from frustrating to fantastic when you work with an experienced Savvy + Co. buyer’s agent. These fairy godmothers and godfathers of real estate represent your interest and goals in the transaction and will happily guide you through the process and help you feel good about one of your largest purchases.

Whether you are a first time home buyer trying to navigate the process, or experienced in the ways of real estate, here’s how these seasoned agents can make the difference between smooth sailing and a rocky ride.

They Know the Market

Knowledge is power, and Savvy + Co. buyer’s agents have a lot of it. The market changes month to month – sometimes week to week – and these agents eat, sleep and breathe real estate. They know the ins and outs of neighborhoods, what questions to ask about the property and how much that extra bedroom or screen porch is really worth.

It’s All About Price

Nothing dampens the new home smell faster than spending more green than you needed to. Buyer’s agents come armed with lots of data including recent home sales, average days on market, list price versus sales prices and always have resale value in mind. Your home is not only a respite from the world, it’s a huge investment.

View More Homes

Buyer’s agents often know about properties coming on the market before the “For Sale” sign hits the yard. They maintain relationships with past buyers and other agents and will search high and low for your next home sweet home.

Get Home Faster

Their full time job is helping your find a home – that’s what they do! After taking time to listen to your must-haves, they scour their network, show you a variety of homes then help put together a solid offer so you can start packing.

Negotiation Masters

Price is a huge factor when putting together a contract, but there are a plethora of other details to negotiate. From move-in dates and repairs, inspections to closing costs and other fees  – these agents manage the small details that add up to a big deal.

Outside the Box Thinking

When you’ve been in the business as long as a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent, you know creativity goes a long way in making home buyers happy. They can suggest neighborhoods, housing styles or other cool options you might not have thought about.

You Do Life

Working with a buyer’s agent means having someone working FULL TIME to help you find the home of your dreams so you can continue to be the best parent, spouse, dog owner, employee, friend, hobby enthusiast and go getter you can be!

Talk with a buyer’s agent today and discover all the things they can do to get you home faster.