“I honestly don’t think my business would be where it is today without the support of Savvy + Co. The tools that Savvy shares, whether it be support from our BIC or mentors, the classes and webinars, marketing department or just being able to get sound advice from experienced agents has been great. – Samara Brown

Why Savvy + Co. Real Estate

At Savvy + Co. we believe that our unique customer service philosophy of “Smart Real Estate, Nice People” can help take our agents’ careers to the next level. Our collaborative atmosphere, agent camaraderie, unparalleled marketing support, and commitment to education and technology help our agents succeed in the real estate industry.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Samara Brown has to say about why she chose Savvy + Co. Real Estate.

Samara Brown wearing a long sleeve bright red dress standing in front of a white background

Where to Start

“I am originally from Raleigh and growing up I thought I never wanted to live so close to home, which is funny now because I love being closer to home. I went to college in Atlanta but decided to come back for my last two years of school at UNC Charlotte to be closer to family. I have loved Charlotte ever since I moved here.

Before becoming an agent, I worked in retail management at Charlotte Russe for almost eight years starting my sophomore year in college. My goal was to become a visual merchandiser for the company until they went bankrupt and closed in 2019. That’s when I fell in love with real estate.

I feel like becoming an agent for me just kind of worked out in some weird “the universe is telling you to do this” way. In 2016 I decided to tag along as my friend was looking for a home to buy. Their REALTOR® told me that I would be amazing as an agent, but I didn’t think much of it until a few other people in my life kept suggesting it. Fast forward two years, and I received my license the week before Christmas in 2018.”

Where to Find Support

“While taking the pre-licensing class, I researched and interviewed at a few firms, but it never felt like any of them were the right fit. They were larger firms, and I didn’t want to just be a ” number” on their roster of agents. I looked into Savvy + Co. Real Estate because I always saw their signs around Charlotte.  They seemed like a nice, people-oriented firm, but at the time they were not looking for new agents. It just so happened that the week before I took the state licensing test, Savvy + Co. posted on their Instagram account about the New Agent Mentorship Program. I joined Savvy in January of 2019, a month after participating in the program.”

Happy Home Buyers

Happy Home Buyers, Lauren & Rodney

Samara Brown wearing a green dress standing with a man wearing gray joggers and a black shirt both standing in front of a two story two car garage home

Samara and Another Happy Client!

Where to Succeed

“Like a lot of new agents, I had no idea what came next after getting my license. I was lost, and I did not how to get started. Savvy + Co.’s New Agent Mentorship Program was exactly what I needed to figure out how to navigate my career in the real estate world.

My first year in real estate was slow, and at times, I thought about quitting altogether. However, having colleagues to talk to that have also been through similar situations and a company that truly wants all of their agents to succeed, kept me focused.

I was able to sell over $1 million in volume in just two months during a pandemic. This is the middle of my second year and my business this year has grown from practically nothing to a level that I did not think it would be at in only 18 months.

Savvy + Co. Real Estate keeps its agents up to date about what’s going on in the real estate world, especially during these times (hello, Coronavirus), which was a huge help when rules and regulations were changing so rapidly. Our marketing team is amazing. I have gotten fantastic ideas about how to grow my business from Stevie and Julie, as well as great leads from home buyer events that I have attended.

Savvy + Co. is a place where everyone is genuinely there for one another.

Want to Get Savvy?

We are taking a fresh approach and are looking for agents that want to move their business forward with new technology. Fill out our contact form on our Careers page, and let us know a little bit about yourself. We’ll be in touch soon!

Woman standing in front of a home with gray siding and a blue front door standing with a Sold yard sign

Samara helped her client buy this new construction home!