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During her 25-year career as a college-level women’s basketball coach, Sherry Carter wore many different hats. She was a recruiter, a coach, a mentor, an athletic program director, a fundraiser, and a community booster. Today, looking back at her winning career, which includes three Southern Conference Coach of the Year awards, she says her many job responsibilities could fall under one banner: Salesperson.

 “What every coach wants is to build a winning team. To do that 90 percent of your time is spent selling your program,” Carter explains. “When I was recruiting women basketball players at Furman University, a small liberal arts college in Greenville, South Carolina, I had to compete with the big schools. I would sit down with a high school athlete and her parents who were considering UNC and other schools with high-profile sports programs. I had to sell my program, my school and my athletes as well as myself. Then I went into the community to find donors, to start mentoring programs and to bring the community to the games. I sold my athletic director that we needed more money, I sold the president of the university that we needed to go to Hawaii this year. I was selling every single day.”

When Carter left coaching and launched a second career in real estate she found that her years as a coach had provided the foundation for rapid success in a completely new field. “Coaches work 24 hours a day, wanting to be the best they can be. That’s what I bring to real estate – that competitive spirit with a strong work ethic and a desire to be right there.”

Her first year in real estate in Destin, Florida, she won Rookie of the Year with sales in excess of $20 million. From there she became broker in charge of the Prominence Development – a green community in Santa Rosa Beach – where she helped develop the community and then sold second homes and investment properties.

New to Charlotte (couldn’t stay away from those grandkids) and happily ensconced at Savvy Real Estate, Carter now begins the next chapter of her career, this time selling residential real estate to families. “I’ve only lived in three homes my entire life,” she says. “I have to love every square inch of the house. So I know what buyers feel when they first step into a home where they may be raising their children.”

Athletics are never far from Carter’s thoughts. She is thrilled with the city’s professional sports scene and plans to use her many professional and Olympic sports connections to bring new athletic programs to Charlotte’s student athletes. She also looks forward to volunteering in the local arts community. A true Charlotte booster, the Queen City is one she can love. “Charlotte is a progressive city, but progressive with a conscience,” she notes. “There is a strong awareness of what Charlotte is – its history, its architecture and trees, its community and its environment. It’s a pleasure to sell homes here.”