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Robin Scott

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As a Charlotte native, and a 1992 UNCC two degree graduate, I held a successful, two decade corporate career as an executive program management consultant in the Charlotte Uptown financial sector. In this position, I worked with large clients strategically planning, organizing, negotiating and implementing enterprise wide multi-million dollar programs. My interest piqued in real estate during my career because of the many buildings I worked in Uptown and the places I walked through. I was always in the middle of diverse hyper development; the new Panthers stadium, the high rises, world class eateries, and the new multi-use urban spaces and districts that quickly changed both the perimeter and the Charlotte skyline into the metro epi-center it is today.

I continued my corporate career up to 2015 and traversed into small business ownership as an active real estate investor in residential and multifamily assets. As such, real estate is something I am passionate about and at the heart of who I am. I live by the motto to listen first, and then seek to be understood. To listen, understand and successfully communicate with each client and each other is paramount. We are each other’s key asset. Collaboration and proactive responsiveness is at the core of my values! I believe establishing and building long, trusted relationships with integrity and transparency is what brings YOU great results and brings ME great satisfaction.

Real Estate is my second profession focused on the love of the 55+ community and helping each person sell, find, buy, and transition to the next phase in their middle age life. Charlotte and its surrounding areas are major hubs for enriched 55+ neighborhoods which makes it desirable for many people to either relocate here or if already living here, finding something that fits their lifestyle. Lifestyle is a personal choice and once big life transitions occur, many people consider forever homes, downsizing, moving into or away from cities or towns, possibly looking for something different with more privacy or more connections. With a host of options available, I am a senior real estate specialist that can help advise, guide, navigate, and get you to your desired lifestyle needs and goals.

As a local to this area, raising my family and fur babies here, I bring a unique perspective in the real estate market as both an investor and broker. I study and know the 55+ demographic, the neighborhoods, and trends that will help you effectively negotiate the home you want or the home you need to sell, at the right price.

I joined Savvy + Co. Real Estate because of the diverse, forward-thinking success and award-winning customer satisfaction each agent brings to their clients. With an innovative firm and a well-known brand like Savvy, their state-of-the art marketing, training and staff allow them to be a premier agency that delivers POSITIVE results for each client!

Contact me and let me help you find the perfect outcome in your next investment, whether your journey is at the start, middle or happily enjoying your senior years.