Renata Kuhns wearing a black shirt red blazer and black checked pants

Renata Kuhns

(980) 505-1131

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I loved having endless outdoor adventures and snow capped mountains around me. I spent most of my twenties managing a retail store. After several years I realized that being in middle management didn’t afford me the freedom to run my store in a way that was best for my team. I left the company and took some time to reflect upon where I needed to be and how I could best help my peers in the community.

I decided it was time for a big change. I had visited North Carolina in the past and fell in love with the beauty and “southern” feel that was completely foreign to me. I planned a trip to explore potential cities to call my new home. The second I entered Charlotte I knew I’d found it. The bustling heartbeat of Uptown, countless parks, the cozy downhome neighborhoods of Plaza Midwood and NoDa. It was love at first sight and Charlotte has been my home ever since.

During this change I needed to find a career where I could call the shots, help people, and inspire positivity. Real Estate was the perfect fit for me. Helping people find a home where they can build families and create memories brings me so much joy. I love connecting with people and building relationships that enhance their lives. I work with my clients to discover what their goals are and how I can help them get there. I am your consultant, advisor, and Realtor®. I want to help you improve your life, starting with your home or investment!