Matthew Stuckens wearing a blue checked shirt and blue jeans standing in front of a white backdrop

Matthew Stuckens

(206) 390-6206

Having spent decades in Colorado and Washington State, the bar was set high when choosing the destination for the next chapter in my life.

My better half was raised in North Carolina and her family goes back several generations. That combined with the opportunity to make a transition from decades of leadership in the hospitality industry to an area that is rich in history, Southern hospitality, gorgeous geography and the thriving culture of the City of Charlotte made the decision easy. I love the community of diverse neighborhoods, the huge trees and the energy of the Queen City.

The Real Estate industry delivers an important service; helping people achieve their dreams. Whether for investment purposes or matching your current needs, the need for a knowledgeable and informed agent is key. This is my mission.

I am happy to share the commitment, honesty, work ethic, organization, energy and enthusiasm that my business experience and understanding of customer service can provide.

Savvy + Co. Real Estate allows me to operate independently along with a team that has a wealth of resources and experience.

When I’m not striving to deliver the best experience for you, I can be found in the kitchen cooking beautiful food for my family, riding motorcycles, hiking, playing jazz piano or just enjoying the landscape with a love for the outdoors, music and the ever-evolving food & beverage scene.