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Kendra C. Johnson

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In the late 1990’s Kendra moved from South Windsor, CT to make Charlotte, NC her home. She was a single mom of one and knew at the early age of 23 that Charlotte was the right place to raise her daughter and purchase their first home. The educational, cultural and business opportunities were plentiful in Charlotte. About six years after her arrival to the Queen City, Kendra was inspired to follow her dream of a career as an actor in television and film. She resigned from her position with the Charlotte Authority’s Human Resources department and ventured west to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Always a dreamer and an artist, Kendra began turning her dreams into reality the moment she touched down in LA. As she found her footing in the “industry”, instead of bartending or waiting tables – Residential Property Management was her “regular gig.” Now, for well over a decade, she’s enjoyed a blossoming career as a television and film actor. Kendra’s affinity for property management, real estate and the importance of home ownership has never wavered. Her work has allowed her vast exposure and the opportunity to live in LA, New York, Atlanta and now back full circle to Charlotte.

22 years later, Charlotte has once again become the right choice for Kendra and daughter number TWO. A place where property values, schools, neighborhoods and community continue to thrive – and where Kendra’s dream of home ownership was first realized. It’s the perfect place to return to as a licensed NC Real Estate Broker/REALTOR®️ to guide and support other dream chasers on their home ownership journeys.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, selling your family home, transitioning to empty nest living, purchasing investment property or anything in between – Kendra is equipped for the journey. With her fiery spirit, passion for her work and incredible drive toward seeing her goals to fruition Kendra is definitely making her mark – on her own terms. Connect with her, for a Real Estate experience you’ll never forget!