Jenny Dunning, M. Arch
Broker-in-Charge, NC/SC REALTOR®

(704) 724-4449

Raised in Texas, I moved to Charlotte to pursue my first career path in architectural design, but it would be my second career that would truly make the Charlotte area my home.

I’m a first-generation American. My grandfather was a professor of architecture at the University of Cairo. He attended college at Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. He then went on to start the Ph.D. department at The University of California, Berkeley.

I come from a long line of successful architects. My love for and my education about architecture began when I was young. I attended the University of Houston and majored in psychology and architecture during my undergraduate studies. After graduation, I attended graduate school for architectural design.

When I moved to Charlotte, I had the opportunity to work on projects such as large mixed-use developments to hospitals to the Jewish Community Center. Although I loved her job, I wasn’t in love with the number of hours I worked. I wanted to be more present with my children, so I researched and signed up for real estate classes. I received my license in 2014.

I immediately fell in love with residential real estate. The best way to describe it is that you’re doing life with others. You’re helping people find a home and a sense of home. I love using my architectural design background to help buyers see a house differently.

As the Broker-in-Charge at Savvy + Co., I love sharing my unique insight with the agents and helping them to see a home in a new light. Home isn’t just a place. A large part of my role will be to help agents create a work home of sorts where they feel supported, included, and successful.

My eye for design, creative thinking, ability to be a resource for others, and my understanding of the Charlotte real estate market gives me a unique perspective on the home buying and selling process. I love sharing my experience with home buyers, and I look forward to doing the same with the agents at Savvy + Co. in my role as Broker-in-Charge.