Courtney Thomas
Broker-in-Charge, NC/SC REALTOR®

(704) 654-6341

When I first got started in real estate in 2007, the blue and brown of Savvy + Company was all I saw. It was like a beacon, calling to me. Fast forward to 2013, and I joined the firm, finding out immediately that it was the perfect fit for me. I felt so welcomed, included, appreciated and above all, accepted (with all of my quirkiness)!

It brings me no greater joy to be the Broker-in-Charge to Savvy + Co. Real Estate! My skills in technology training, agent support, extensive knowledge in multiple facets of real estate as well as my love of the industry and my Savvy family are just part of what I’m bringing to the table.

I’m also a native Charlottean, with the initials CLT, which makes me easy to remember! I’m passionate about healthy living, good food, terrific coffee, my two cats and dog. After living in Myers Park for a number of years, I moved to Windsor Park in 2016 and am totally in love with my “new” ‘hood. You can often find me socializing in NODA, Plaza Midwood, Wesley Heights or South Park.

If you are looking for a firm that focuses on delivering exceptional client care along with cutting edge marketing and technology, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Stop by the office and grab a cup of coffee with me!

If knowledge is truly power, then my BIC Courtney Thomas has super powers. Courtney provides extensive expertise in real estate law, real estate software, and is resourceful on how to find the answers when no one else can. This is a Broker in Charge that really cares about her agents and real estate. She reliably guides us through each transaction; whether it’s on a Tuesday at 11am or on the Fourth of July, she never stops.  – Lara Bucci, Savvy + Co Real Estate Agent