Amanda Underwood


I am originally from a small town located in eastern North Carolina. I moved to Raleigh, where I started in sales, then shortly upgraded to Charlotte. After five successful years in sales, my career no longer provided me with the challenges I sought. I took two separate three-month road trips around the US, looking for the perfect place to live and grow. To no surprise, I landed back here in Charlotte, where I began my real estate investing career three years ago.

Charlotte compliments my personality as it has that small-town feel with big-city amenities. The diverse characteristics of the 19 neighborhoods continuously leaves me in awe. New restaurants opening every week, sporting events, coffee shops, and museums, Charlotte has a variety of entertainment to offer for kids and adults alike. As a nature lover and travel enthusiast, I appreciate how I can be lying on the beaches or hiking in the mountains with just a short drive in either direction. You will also find me on Lake Norman wakeboarding or rafting at the White Water Center with friends during the summer.

Working within the real estate investment space has allowed me to personally walk alongside the buying, construction, and selling process with regularity. I can assess costs associated with repairs on-site and break down the steps, taking what may initially seem like an overwhelming undertaking and run the process like a well-oiled machine.

Whether you are looking to sell your home, purchase a new home, or buy an investment property I am here to cater to your individual needs and style.