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Alexis Woodall

(704) 401-9002

My passion for real estate developed during my move to Charlotte from Phoenix as a young teen. My parents did such a wonderful job of involving me and my siblings in the planning and allowed us to be participants in the entire house hunting process. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Charlotte has been my home for almost two decades now. I’m a Providence High School graduate and a Queens University alum. I love sharing my experiences and familiarity with so many unique communities and neighborhoods! I’ve lived all over our city and now call Southpark’s Beverly Woods home.

Building runs in my blood, my grandfather was a contractor and built many homes in his day. While undergoing the renovation of my own home, I naturally fell in love with the dynamic process. Beyond being able to creatively problem-solve and channel my eye for functional design, I became well-versed in the entire building and renovation process.

I love my home. I love all homes. I’m a believer that a home is more about the people inside than the home itself. I love connecting with people and learning their stories. It’s the relationships made and the stories shared I love most!

My approach is always very hands-on and candid. No stone goes unturned. I love being a go-to resource in any way I can, answering one quick question or answering all the questions.

You’ll always find me doing something physically active. I was a competitive tennis player and as the saying goes – once an athlete, always an athlete. I love to run. I love to travel. Charlotte is my home and I love helping people make it theirs!