The Collingwood and Colonial Village neighborhoods take much of their identity from Scaleybark Road, that oddly named diagonal corridor that separates the two neighborhoods while connecting them to South Boulevard, the Scaleybark Lynx Light Rail Station, either of which will have you in Uptown in minutes.

Built in the 1950s, these two neighborhoods appealed to families who wanted access to Uptown jobs while enjoying moderately priced suburban housing. As Charlotte sprawled outward in succeeding generations, these neighborhoods became “in town” gems, quiet shady streets with urban shopping and dining a short walk or drive away.

The opening of the Lynx Light Rail in 2007 sparked interest from investors who bought up properties along the line and began creating new work/live communities, especially in the SouthEnd Historic District. The area immediately surrounding the Scaleybark station will be the next one to pop. New walkable office, retail and dining developments will add to the appeal of the established homes in Collingwood and Colonial Village.

At the other end Scaleybark Road connects with Woodlawn and the iconic and recently updated Park Road Shopping Center. On the other side of Woodlawn is the nightlife on Montford Road.

Of the two neighborhoods, Colonial Village has larger houses (many two stories), slightly higher price tags and some hilliness that adds visual appeal. In Collingwood you’ll find smaller brick ranches in the 1200-to-1400 square-foot range. Residents on foot with dogs and kids make daily use of Collins Park with its athletic field, tennis courts, playground and picnic tables — and now a Tiny Neighborhood Library. If you need more than a tiny library visit the Scaleybark Public Library across from Zack’s, a beloved neighborhood burger and fish joint.

Scaleybark Road itself is set to undergo a beautification/traffic calming revamp that will include a landscaped median strip, defined parking places and bike lanes. These two neighborhoods that currently have so much to offer are poised to get even better.


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